Longer days. Tan skin. Persistent sunshine. Finally, spring is blooming in Los Angeles. Whenever there's a change in seasons, I feel an urge to shift. Whether its in the way I structure my schedule. Or in the clothes I tend to wear. There's something inside me that wants whats the follow the change that's naturally happening around me. 
I have been itching to chop my hair for months. Pulling inspiration from classic cinematic stars, and modern instagram muses. Long hair never felt like me. I have tried to grow my hair out many times, but it never suits me. I looked in the mirror recently, and it felt off. Like the powerful, cool, dynamic woman I see on the inside didn't connect with what I wanted on the outside. It's funny how a pair of scissors, and a trusted hairstylist can change how you feel about yourself. 
There's always something rebellious about short hair. Fighting the feminized norm, of billowing Repunzel locks. I feel my most confident when I straddle the lines between traditional feminine and masculine. I cannot wait to slick my choppy cut and wear tailored men's button downs. There is a lightness to my look, and feels so freeing. You can just see more of me. And I absolutely love it. 
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"If something is for you, all you have to be is YOU to receive it."
This quote was the first thing I saw this morning on instagram. Immediately, I put my phone down, brushing aside the desire to scroll mindlessly for a few minutes in bed. It hit me, the sheer amount of images, and opinions I absorb daily from my phone. How could any 20-something find themselves, when they bombarded by content at all moments of the day? It is one danger of the 'gram. The ability to live so vicariously through images on our screens. I am guilty of it, I think we all are. I find myself eyeing the cool girl attending every fashion week show, with the most nonchalant attitude. I look at epic exotic world travels, and wished my paychecks could afford that lifestyle. I find beautiful faced babes booking tv shows, or sharing their sweeping accomplishments so effortlessly (with the perfect body.) Of course, inspiration is a tool for creativity. But it is a tricky line to walk, now with the constant noise of social media. 
It's easy to forget that self discovery is an on-going project. I have moments where I feel so unshakeable. Where I KNOW myself so fully, that no opinions could rattle my spirit. Then there are other days where I feel so far away from that spark of individuality. My anxious energy pulls me in every direction, and pushes my doubts to the front of my mind. I look outside of myself for the any answers. Listen to more podcasts, curate more images, travel to more places. It might spark inspiration, but the true me isn't something I bottle up from the outside world. I am becoming more invested in the woman I am NOW. It does not mean I cannot evolve or manifest into the woman I wish I could be. But giving the present moment the same weight as the 'will be', gives me more power to actually accomplish my most wild ambitions. I need to cherish the person I am now, and trust that what I want in life will come to me when I am ready. What's the point, if I cannot enjoy my day to day life? Finding gratitude for my home, my relationship, my family, my dog. Especially in the moments when these things aren't picture perfect or insta-worthy. 
 I know these things to be true about myself: My relationships are number one: I am a fierce lover and extremely loyal to the people closest to me. My logical brains tries to sabotage my creativity, but my persistence will always succeed. My style and love for clothing will always be the vehicle to illuminate who I truly am. And my vulnerability will always connect me to other people and their stories- there's nothing more beautiful to that. 
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Photos by Seattle based Juliette Laura 

There is not a moment when I travel, that I don't carry my camera at my side. It is one of my most cherished forms of self expression. I feel most myself at times behind the lens. Here are some of the grand, and quaint moments of my time in New York this past February. I remember the rush of Fashion Week through these images, and how endlessly inspired I felt in the crisp winter air. 

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