I think we all have a piece of clothing that brings us closer to ourselves. It just feels right. You always grab for it. No over-thinking, or searching the closet. Mine forever and always will be my basic white tee. I don't think I will ever quit them. There's an attitude that comes from wearing this classic. Without any frills, I feel cool + confident. Maybe it also stems from my love of denim, but nothing feels more like me than this combination. 
Maybe it's from old movies of my childhood (You know one of them is Grease, guys), or from the pages of glossy magazines (still dream of the Guess ads of the early 90's.) but the white tee will always be my uniform. Currently, I love stacking vintage necklaces on top, with vintage denim shorts. I love this Anine Bing denim skirt for the scorching hot days that have been hitting LA. I also love how this top will always lean into masculine style, even paired with a pair of heels or cat eye sunglasses. This is a piece I grab for every morning, and steal from my boyfriend's closet, and never will forget to pack in my suitcase. 
Anine Bing Denim Skirt (Sold out but similar to here), Urban Outfitters White Tee, Vintage Necklaces (Loving the brand Missoma for new pieces like this one.), Raen Cat Eye Sunglasses, IMAGO Crossbody bag.

As the first week of summer ends, I find myself gravitating to the same look in my closet. My uniform to combat the heat? The cotton white dress. Every year, I find myself adding more white dresses to my wardrobe. A white dress is romantic, and breezy. It feels polished, yet undone (which I think is the inspiration behind most LA style). I adore this maxi dress from Velvet Heart. The button give it a feel vintage feel, and the loose fit makes it comfortable for the stickiest days. 
The white dress makes styling so simple for summer. Throw on a pair of sneakers for errands, or dress it up with a chic pair of wedges. I have been loving scarves to pull my hair back verse an elastic. It's much more gentle on my hair, and lets pieces naturally fall out over time. 
If you're feeling stuck on summer wardrobe start with the white cotton dress. The different silhouettes  and cuts will rev start your imagination. I think this dress is an essential for vacation packing as well. A cotton dress is versatile and takes up no room in your suitcase. (Just make sure to have an iron at your end location).  
Velvet Heart White Dress, Kesli Daggar Platform Sandals, Donni Scarf, & Other Stories Purse, Ray Ban Sunglasses. 

Something powerful happens when a woman choose to live on her own terms. She radiates. A magical joy and a persistent strength. Her body doesn't need to mirror polished snapshots in magazines. Her curves and skin reflect the adventures she chased and the love she felt. 
This time of year is always slow for me. A time for reflection, and to check in. My imagination often wanders to the woman I want to be. She feels far away- like I need to accomplish so much more before I can say- THAT'S IT, I AM HER. But that is not how it all works. Why can't I be her today? Everyday I have a choice, to wake up and do what I believe or allowing the outside noise to take over. The woman I want to be radiates joy- and not the unauthentic self help save the day way. Joy that today is a new day. Joy that I am the ONLY me in the world. You can spot the women who love themselves. The ones that have let go to what everyone else wants them to be. They are curious, and sexy and kind-hearted individuals. I want to live with more guts. Love with more heart. And shake off the weight of my unnerving expectations. 
We have to believe that we have permission to be whoever the hell we want to be. And that we DO have the capacity and courage to truly be ourselves. No matter what the world tells you. Even if its screaming in your ear to turn back, and stick to the safe path. Forge forward on your own trail, babe.
Betsey Johnson Dress, Steve Madden Heels, INC Belt Bag, Amazon Clip On Earrings

 Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo

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