This week's segment of Fashion Test Drive: the utility jumpsuit. I have been wanting to try this look for YEARS (seriously not exaggerating), but hadn't found the right one. I have memories of scouting the melrose trading post, and other vintage stops, but never finding one that fit (size + vibe). When Lucky Brand asked me to preview their Spring Collection, I decided it was my chance to try this look out. 
When rocking a utility jumpsuit, it all comes down to styling. The accessories + details will set the vibe for the look (whether its for casual errands or a date night). I paired my jumpsuit with these simple suede sandals, for a feminine twist. I also also would pair my jumpsuit with a pair fresh white sneakers. I slicked my hair back into a bun because I wanted the focus to be on this singular piece. It was rad to find a vintage inspired piece, but with a more practical + modern fit. I think fit is very important with this look, and if bought vintage tailoring might be a good idea. 
When I am not hanging out in my own neighborhood, I often am spending my time in Silver Lake. I remember when I first started living in LA, Silver Lake was the ultimate hip neighborhood. (Pretty sure hipsters were invented here). No matter how cliche, Intelligensia is still one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. The beautiful teal tiles, the open air patio, the flocks of writers scribbling out their next screen play. I love the strong coffee, and chocolate croissants. The neighborhood has changed over time, but it still continues to embrace individuality. East of La Brea embraces not only young creatives, but people who might not fit the typical LA mold. Thats why this jumpsuit might feel so good to me. I am not that typical 'leading lady' type, but you know I am gonna stand out.
Lucky Brand jumpsuit, sandals and sunglasses. 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo
I have shared many times on EWE, my love for mornings. I am an early riser, coffee lover, sunshine chaser. I feel most creative, when the rest of the world is still in bed. Even when I travel, I get up early to beat the crowds and lines. So for my self-declared morning people, this post is for you. 
Instead of date night, sometimes my bf and I do 'date breakfast'. It fits our schedules better, and we rather be fueled with caffeine than booze. Here is a list of some of our favorite spots in Echo Park + Silver Lake. 
- The Dinette. A charming outdoor cafe on Sunset Boulevard, at the heart of EP. It feels like a movie set from the 1920's. My order? Black coffee + avocado toast. (I joke that its the LA girl starter kit.) 
-Millie's Diner. We are regulars at this spot. It is my #1 and all time favorite. It has been a staple in the neighborhood for decades. The staff is the best in the city. Their gluten-free pancakes are next level. It has gotten very popular in the last year, so wake up early to avoid a line. My bf's family owns a diner in the bay area, and its definitely our home away from home spot. (Also if you're hungover go here. The portions are HUGE.) 
-Ostrich Farm. This spot in EP is even more beautiful seen in daylight. All their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Order the cinnamon roll as an appetizer. They also have a bar, so enjoy mimosas and breakfast cocktails. A little more upscale vibe. 
-Sqirl. You can't talk about breakfast and not hit up Sqirl. We like to go here during the week. (Clearly we like to avoid crowds). Yes, get the ricotta toast and jam. 
-Alfred Coffee- I am a little stunned that I am putting this on my list, but Alfred Coffee has become a staple for our weekend walks around Silver Lake. The selection of pastries + breakfast burritos + protein bars makes it best for on-the-go dates. Also their serving of Stumptown coffee is huge compared to other spots. 
When scanning through my closet, one would notice the SECTION of sundresses. It is a staple item in my wardrobe, especially in LA's warm climate. I love the versatility of a vintage inspired dress. Casual enough to wear in the day, but with styling can be updated to night. I adore this Lucky Ruffle dress. I am a sucker for a pinstripe too, so this dress is puts all my favorites in one.
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo
When I find a style formula that works, I run with it. A foolproof outfit combination, that always works for me? Matching sets. As Los Angeles (slowly) heads to spring, I am scouting for more two pieces to add to my wardrobe. A matching set, is undeniably playful and elevates everyday silhouettes to something cool + unexpected. Add a crop top in the mix, and I am 'signed, sealed delivered.'

I adore this set corset top + pant set from Wayf. This look feels very vintage inspired- 'Summer of the 60's'. (I currently can't stop listening to pop music from that decade, so the influence is probably bleeding into my style choices.) The print is cheeky, the corset top adds a dose of femininity. The sleeves add a volume that feels really different, and unexpected. I styled this look with my Tevas to juxtapose girly undertones of this look. I love the stark white of the sandal, to break up the double vision of the top and bottom. 

It is no secret, I am a creature of warm weather. I feel most creative + inspired when the sun is beaming down, my skin is tan, and I don't need to remember to pack a jacket. I have a feeling matching sets will be my go-to for special occasion during the spring + summer. I like polished it feels without having to try so hard. I linked some of my favorites below. Will you test drive this trend? Comment below x 
Wayf corset top + pant, White Teva Sandals, Mejuri Necklace
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo
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