Monday, February 24, 2014

Camden Town

 I had only experienced Camden late night.

(The famous pub crawl Proud and Koko)
But this weekend I spent time exploring in the daylight.
The Camden had some serious hints to 

the Melrose Flea Market in LA-
but with a punk influence.

 Greasy chinese food, no shame. 
Giant sprinkled donut no shame part II.
Also RIP my ray bans. 
Regents Canal
Adorable water side house.
 I prefer this part of London 
in sunshine xx


Sunday, February 23, 2014

An afternoon off

 I was lucky to have a Friday afternoon off from rehearsal.
So I grabbed my camera, 
got a filter coffee at Pret a Manger 
and just started walking. 

 Maybe it was the blue skies
or the fresh air 
or the excitement of the weekend-
but this stroll was a bit magical.

My friends and I often talk how 
we live on a hinge during this experience abroad.
Sometimes we have moments where we are 
so overwhelmed with the beauty of this city
that we are dumbfounded, speechless,
and almost moved to tears.

Why can't I always live my life in this state
of complete amazement and wonder for the world around me? 

Blue skies

The past few weeks have been hectic 
attempting to juggle a full theatre schedule at LAMDA
and getting enough sleep to make it through the day.

 During the weekends ..
(after reading plays, memorizing monologues and catching up on Scandal) 
I go see parts of the city I normally can't.
I love the South Bank including
Borough Market, and the National Theatre.
I saw an all female devised piece called "Blurred Lines" 

I had a tourist moment 
taking the audio guided tour thru Westminster Abbey.
Also saw Ibsen's "Ghosts" at the Trafalgar Studios. 
And rocked out to a Norwegian Band at Koko

Cant believe I am almost half way through the semester.
Wish I had more time to see the city,
but an actor must always find the balance
between studio & the world. 

Scot Pride

A 10 hour bus from London later, 
and I woke up in Edinburgh Scotland.

JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here
so of course I geeked at her inspiration spots.

I left feeling refreshed with positivity and gratitude for all my adventures so far. 

*And it is true about the bag pipes and kilts. 
The Scots are proud. 


Around town

This weekend was full of discoveries. 
After my first full week at LAMDA
 I was ready to go out in the city
Shoreditch has become my favorite destination. 
It is London's version of Silverlake.
Spent the afternoon in a cafe with friends,
watching an artist paint a mural on the black walls. 
Black americano included.
I also journeyed to the National Portrait gallery, 
ate my first Ben's cookie and wore my wellies in rain.
*Sorry for the 2 AM iphone picture after Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly Circus. 

The pretty things

Living in South Kensington has its perks.
Including a ten minute walk to Harrods department store.
Window shopping is a hobby of mine. 
Here are some of my favorites from my outing.
Maybe one day I will splurge on a YSL purse. 

Louis Vuitton display killing it

Miu Miu florals

 Stella McCartney punch of coral
Alexander McQueen shoulder embellishments 

Ps- a black americano with a pistachio macaroon ended the day lovely. 


All in the detail

A sunny January day at Hampton Court-
I was in awe between the conflicting architectural styles 
(tudor & baroque) and the impressive gardens. 

 Also geeked out during the Henry viii portion of the tour.
Team Lady Jane Rochford- always.
English history is surprisingly engaging,
I recommend this day trip outside of London

Don't forget to drink some tea as well

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