Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blue skies

The past few weeks have been hectic 
attempting to juggle a full theatre schedule at LAMDA
and getting enough sleep to make it through the day.

 During the weekends ..
(after reading plays, memorizing monologues and catching up on Scandal) 
I go see parts of the city I normally can't.
I love the South Bank including
Borough Market, and the National Theatre.
I saw an all female devised piece called "Blurred Lines" 

I had a tourist moment 
taking the audio guided tour thru Westminster Abbey.
Also saw Ibsen's "Ghosts" at the Trafalgar Studios. 
And rocked out to a Norwegian Band at Koko

Cant believe I am almost half way through the semester.
Wish I had more time to see the city,
but an actor must always find the balance
between studio & the world. 
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