Monday, March 17, 2014

Ciao Amici

This weekend I traveled alone to Milan, Italy.
I met up with some dear friends. 
I cherish the feeling of finding home within others
even when so far away from the actual place. 
Less than 48 hours in one country is semi-crazy-
But it was well worth the journey.
70 degree weather, playful language barrier
and TOO much pasta, gelato and vino. 
Lunch on a terrace next to the duomo
My phone did not work while away,
so it was relaxing to disconnect. 
H&M skirt, BP tee 
The Milano shopping district slayed me and my wallet.
Window shopping at Louis Vuitton, and discovering 
new brands such as Pull & Bear. 
Next time I come to Italy I need to buy some leather.
Running away for the weekend
(espeically alone) is quite liberating.
Cannot wait to travel around for 4 weeks ! 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Easy Sunday

Spring has arrived in London.
60 degree weather instantly 
perks up any sour mood.
(Or 'pupping' as I like to call it)
On Sunday, I finally ventured to 
the Columbia Road flower market. 
I did not mind the crowded streets 
and relished in the colorful florals.
Shoreditch has some rad thrift stores-
I did not buy anything 
but did absorb some new decor 
decorating inspirations. 
I wanted to feel easy, light and simple.
This look was just the right amount of skin for the weather. 
[Cannot rush into tight-less legs, and thin sweaters.]
 Paige Demin leather pants, Top Shop chelsea boots, BP t-shirt, H&M bow
Slightly freaking out that I only have 
6 weeks left in London.
More exploring to cram in-
especially when its this gorgeous out. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

6000 miles

I declare that when abroad, there is nothing 
wrong with getting a little homesick.
It does not mean I am weak 
or ungrateful for my time in London.
Just sometimes a girl needs 75ยบ weather, a beach and her boyfriend.
So here's an ode to my favorite place- 
Home is always with me. 
But it also drives my need see more of the world.
With an open mind, I am ready for my travels to continue.
This month I am off to Milano and Dublin. 
Also I want this for lunch tomorrow k. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014


Spring break is an important time for college students during the semester.
LAMDA does not give us one. 
Instead of running away to warmer climates
our program took us to Stratford Upon-Avon.
It is a pilgrimage for an actor to visit 
the city of Shakespeare's birth & death.

More importantly, it was an escape from 
the city life of London.
The English country-side was a calming getaway.
I saw three Royal Shakespeare Company productions-
'Wolf Hall' & 'Bring up the Bodies' based
on the novels by Hilary Mantle.
And a re-adapated version of
 'Wendy & Peter Pan' by Ella Hickson. 

I am thankful for the few days off from school.

Feeling rejuvenated for the last half of the semester. 

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