Monday, March 10, 2014

Easy Sunday

Spring has arrived in London.
60 degree weather instantly 
perks up any sour mood.
(Or 'pupping' as I like to call it)
On Sunday, I finally ventured to 
the Columbia Road flower market. 
I did not mind the crowded streets 
and relished in the colorful florals.
Shoreditch has some rad thrift stores-
I did not buy anything 
but did absorb some new decor 
decorating inspirations. 
I wanted to feel easy, light and simple.
This look was just the right amount of skin for the weather. 
[Cannot rush into tight-less legs, and thin sweaters.]
 Paige Demin leather pants, Top Shop chelsea boots, BP t-shirt, H&M bow
Slightly freaking out that I only have 
6 weeks left in London.
More exploring to cram in-
especially when its this gorgeous out. 
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