Monday, March 17, 2014

Ciao Amici

This weekend I traveled alone to Milan, Italy.
I met up with some dear friends. 
I cherish the feeling of finding home within others
even when so far away from the actual place. 
Less than 48 hours in one country is semi-crazy-
But it was well worth the journey.
70 degree weather, playful language barrier
and TOO much pasta, gelato and vino. 
Lunch on a terrace next to the duomo
My phone did not work while away,
so it was relaxing to disconnect. 
H&M skirt, BP tee 
The Milano shopping district slayed me and my wallet.
Window shopping at Louis Vuitton, and discovering 
new brands such as Pull & Bear. 
Next time I come to Italy I need to buy some leather.
Running away for the weekend
(espeically alone) is quite liberating.
Cannot wait to travel around for 4 weeks ! 

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