Saturday, March 1, 2014


Spring break is an important time for college students during the semester.
LAMDA does not give us one. 
Instead of running away to warmer climates
our program took us to Stratford Upon-Avon.
It is a pilgrimage for an actor to visit 
the city of Shakespeare's birth & death.

More importantly, it was an escape from 
the city life of London.
The English country-side was a calming getaway.
I saw three Royal Shakespeare Company productions-
'Wolf Hall' & 'Bring up the Bodies' based
on the novels by Hilary Mantle.
And a re-adapated version of
 'Wendy & Peter Pan' by Ella Hickson. 

I am thankful for the few days off from school.

Feeling rejuvenated for the last half of the semester. 

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