Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goodbye too soon

I have been in the UK for 12 weeks now. It surprises me every day how fast the time went. This is
my last full week in London- I am filled with anxiety, scrambling to see and absorb as much as of this brilliant city as possible. Cheers to the semester abroad, now off traveling Europe for 5 weeks.
Here are 12 of my favorites, for the 12 weeks 
I spent here- you get the point- 
In no particular order.
1. The always ground-breaking theatre at the Royal Court. 
2. Glorious afternoon in Hyde Park.
3. Spring time flowers lining houses in Kensington.
4. Abbey Road crossing with the girl band.
5. Avocado Tartine NOMZ
6. Flashes of double deckers 
7. The trolls of Camden Market
8. Being a tourist on the South Bank.
9. The sky outside of 1 Queensberry Place.
10. cliché phone both in Trafalgar. 
11. Shakespeare slang at the V&A
12. Couldn't leave London without buying a killer pair of shoes. 
[Dune London from Top Shop] 

Killing me to leave, but still got one more week.
And then that one time I actually come back in May... 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This weekend I traveled to Ireland for my first time.
I took a long weekend and stayed in Dublin 
with some good friends. 
I drank many pints of Guinness, but countered
the drinks with many hours of walking. 
Temple Bar is the cultural center. 
Pubs rang with live music
and a jolly mix of tourist & locals. 
I took a day trip to Galway 
which was a charming irish village. 
I did not realize how much I missed
living near the ocean.
The chill of fresh sea breeze,
and the sound of gulls calling 
made me feel at home. 
Walked along the River Corrib 
Amazing red door for my mama x 
I would love to spend more time in the country-side
but it was delightful to party hard in the city. 

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