Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This weekend I traveled to Ireland for my first time.
I took a long weekend and stayed in Dublin 
with some good friends. 
I drank many pints of Guinness, but countered
the drinks with many hours of walking. 
Temple Bar is the cultural center. 
Pubs rang with live music
and a jolly mix of tourist & locals. 
I took a day trip to Galway 
which was a charming irish village. 
I did not realize how much I missed
living near the ocean.
The chill of fresh sea breeze,
and the sound of gulls calling 
made me feel at home. 
Walked along the River Corrib 
Amazing red door for my mama x 
I would love to spend more time in the country-side
but it was delightful to party hard in the city. 

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