Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warm Tones

Returning back to freezing temperatures after a month long vacation on the west coast has been a challenge. When it comes to style in ice and wind, I get stuck in the rut. My sunny essentials are traded in for a parka jacket and hunter rain boots. It is important for me to find chic + warm accessories, so I don't tire of winter fashion by the end of January. I am embracing rich tones to contrast my pale complexion. I cannot stop wearing this marsala colored hat, and thick cozy scarf. Both pieces make my winter wear a little more dramatic, but still practical. You'd think after four years I would learn- but you may still find me walking on Newbury Street in a just a peacoat, ripped denim and t-shirt. Oh and its only 20 degrees. 
Brandy Melville skirt, knit top, & scarf, Nordstrom brand hat, Topshop boots, BITE lipstick. 
Photo credits Lauren O'Neil, local Boston photographer
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