Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big City Dreams.

New York City is always romanticized in pop-culture. Whether through in literature, movies, or plays there is something ethereal about this thriving metropolis. When I was 19, I packed my belongings and moved to the East Coast. Straight out of high school, I did not know exactly what I wanted, I only knew I needed to get away from my west coast lifestyle.
  So, I headed for a college just outside of NYC. It was one of the most challenging and scary times of my life. I was far from my home and family, and within a few weeks of classes, I came to realize that I wanted to pursue a degree in the theatre arts. I never felt more alone. 
That's when the magic of New York City came to my rescue. You're never alone in Manhattan, and you're not the only one dreaming wildly. Gradually this city helped me build my confidence and independence. My dreams were reaffirmed, with each subway train ride or walk through Washington Square Park, not realizing the power and poise I would obtain until I left. My favorite place (no matter how sentimental) was Soho District. There, I would pretend I was a professional actor or stylist living out my daily routine, hustling from one place to the next. This, of course, was during a time long ago before instagram and smart phones, so I was forced to learn the city by trial and error. But isn't that the best way to experience life?
So let this post be a milestone for how far I've come. Looking back at my naive teens, I can clearly see the foundation for the woman I am today, and that foundation was paved by New York City. Though it can be daunting at times, this city allowed me to dream big and push myself out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to be someone else until that person manifested into me. It was not a person who helped me during the darkest time of my life, but a place. 

When prepping this shoot, I wanted to feel girly, classic, and elegant. I fended off the impulsive to be practical, and traded in my beat up sneakers for some Carrie Bradshaw heels (Yes, a post about NYC needs a cheesy Sex and the City reference ok.) For this shoot I collaborated with LA brand Saul. Their versatile and simple skirt can be worn everyday. 
This brand plays into minimalism without losing personality. The light blue color is my absolute favorite, and I find myself constantly styling with it.  
I love seeing how my style changes from East to West coast. That was the original idea behind my blog. A California girl, living in Boston- how do these completely different styles communicate and work together? This outfit represents both coasts. 
Saul LA Skirt, Brandy Melville Sweater, Nine West Heels, Coach Purse, Essie Nail Polish.
Photo credits: Lauren Adriance NYC/NJ photographer

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