Monday, May 9, 2016

Female Formation

 Thick legs, big biceps, DD breasts, blue eyes, broad shoulders, brown short hair, size 9 1/2 feet, patchy tan skin. Somehow all these parts make up me. My body. This is the vessel that holds all of my thoughts and dreams and feelings. But what you see first, is what you think of me. Why does my external frame become the thing that defines me? 

Our bodies become something to be judged and interpreted immediately. My form makes statements for me without my trying, it says something politically or socially just by the way I look. My voluptuous chest needs to be covered up, or I will be accused of "asking for it". My legs and arms are muscular, so I need to be careful not to bulk up or I will be perceived as masculine. My hair is short, it must mean I am a tomboy. It is ridiculous how limited society likes to make women feel, just based on appearance.

There is so much power in embracing the uniqueness of our bodies. Nothing is more beautiful than loving yourself and being confident. So let's throw those middle fingers up to irrational beauty standards that plague our culture. My body is not the only part of me on display. So is my brain, so is my heart, so is my gut. There is power in owning the things that distinctly make me, me. If I was told this as a 12 year old girl, maybe I would have been a lot nicer to myself sooner. 

This bodysuit from Ivy Park is all about owning your power. I love this piece because of its sleek simplicity. I am allowed to own my curves, and the asymmetry of my form. I would wear this for a brisk beach day, or for a dance class. And yes, maybe I am feeling myself a little more because its by Queen Bey. I love the detail of the mesh long sleeves. I could tell this piece was crafted with a woman's body in mind. Slicked back hair and minimal makeup makes this look be JUST about you. 

 Bless Beyonc√©. Each step in her career she has found a way to protect and raise up the female self. She has given voice and appreciation to the women whose stories go unheard in our world. Through her music, she encourages women to feel sexy, confident, and strong, no matter their skin color, physical form, or upbringing. I will always stand behind a woman who has the ability to connect people- despite the barriers that are reinforced by our society. 

Ivy Park Body Suit, Urban Outfitters hat, Vintage Sunglasses
Photo credits- Tavio Valencia Sacramento based photographer

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