Friday, May 27, 2016


The LBD. The Little Black Dress. "Every woman needs their little black dress". 
Possibly the most over-used/generic concept found in fashion. This simple dress continues to find relevance decade after decade. Why does every woman need this article of clothing as a staple in their wardrobe? How can it feel effortless and cool, when most fashion platforms repeat and rewrite the same idea over and over again? I never want my fashion creativity to feel standardized or boring.

Local LA brand Saul, has the solution to the snooze fest of the LBD. The Ties Dress dismisses the blah-ness of a basic black dress, while still remaining minimal and simple. Saul reconsiders and recreates classic silhouettes, updating their styles for the modern woman. This dress is elegant without having to add accessories or other distractions. As my world gets more chaotic and busy, I am driven to style choices that are straightforward and chic. 

The LA fashion isn't only about the clothing anymore, its about the materials used to make the product. Saul uses vintage fabrics and dead-stock to create all of their clothing. I am drawn to brands that are aware of their impact on the environment, and how to lessen their carbon footprint. 


Saul Ties Dress, Nine West Shoes, Topshop Vegan Leather Jacket.
Photo credits: Lauren Adriance NYC/NJ photographer

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