Ocean Spray

Returning back to my roots in Northern California, this shoot brought me to one of favorite beach towns, Santa Cruz. Off highway 1, is Shark Fin Cove. A steep hike down a canyon, to a private beach. Surrounded by daunting cliffs and crashing waves, this location was one of the most beautiful places I have shot in. 
Beaches especially in NorCal, are known to be unconventionally chilly. The water is icy (year round), the sky is often coated in marine-layer, and the temps drop from the ocean breeze. A big baggy cable-knit sweater is the best option, to keep warm and layer over a bathing suit. A simple maxi skirt is a perfect beach day outfit. This look can easily transition for an evening dinner or a relaxing view with drinks. 
Running away to the ocean is an aspect of California I cherish most. My body relaxes, my mind calms, and I am able to be fully present in the now. Which can become a challenge, with work, auditions, rehearsals, projects, and errands always fighting for my attention. I toss my cellphone in my bag, get my toes in the sand, and escape for a few hours. I am lucky to be a California girl. 
Brandy Melville Skirt + Sweater, Nordstrom Sunglasses.
Photo credits- Tavio Valencia Sacramento based photographer

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