Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Braided Babe

Here is the third look from my collab with vintage studio Shop Future. This down-to-earth look was inspired by the California girl of the past. Free-spirited, sun soaked and simple. 
This pair of dark wash flares were made from the softest fabric. The front pockets were darling, and added a detail only found with vintage pieces. Anytime I wear bell-bottoms, I like to rock a chunky heel or platform. A tall pair of shoes makes me look even taller and helps me feel even more confident. These Topshop shoes (which I have worn in many other shoes) are incredibly comfortable, and despite the daunting height. I do think wearing vintage-statemtn pieces takes a little more confidence to wear everyday. It is easy to go to the mall and by the latest trend from any department store. What makes Shop Future and other vintage focused brands cool, is adapting styles from other decades to fit the modern style of today. I paired an easy white tee with the super rad denim. White t-shirts are my favorite basic, and I do not think they can ever go out of style (for men and women). 
I was lucky to have hairstylist Briana Dunning on this shoot. She created the perfect braided crown for me even with my temperamental hair. I kept this hairstyle up for the rest of the day and it did not fall out. I have since experimented, attempting my best to re-create the up-do myself. I loved not having to worry about my hair. For looking so girly, this hairstyle was incredibly practical. I enjoyed the break from the habit of playing and flipping my hair. It was off my face and literally took a load off my shoulders. I think this hairstyle will become more regular in my routine as summer nears closer. 
Outfit by Shop Future, Topshop Shoes
Hair by: Briana Dunning @frizzy.b
Photo credits: Britt Crowe local Los Angeles Photographer 

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