Friday, June 3, 2016

Camo Cameo

This is the second look from my collab with local vintage studio Shop Future. This look is a little edgy, and a little rocker. We snuck up to a rooftop in Hollywood, which is fitting for this rebellious look. I am obsessed with the cut of these vintage Calvin Klein jeans. The hem length is unexpected, and add a punk vibe to this look. I never wear camouflage print, but my favorite part of this look is this worn in t-shirt we cut to a crop. I felt ultra-cool and little outside of my normal style in this look. 
I talk about girl power a lot on my blog.
Fact- this collaboration is brought to you by an all female team. I believe in practicing what you preach- so I made an effort to find a rad group of girl bosses to work with. It's easy to ramble your beliefs online. But I think that is useless, unless you live out those beliefs fully in your life. Thats why I seek out opportunities to help other female artists, stylist, and photographers to shine. I write a fashion blog, but it is sort of the camouflage to address the important stuff in the world. 

Outfit by Shop Future, Quay Australia Sunglasses, Dolce Vita Shoes.
Hair by: Briana Dunning @frizzy.b
Photo credits: Britt Crowe local Los Angeles Photographer 


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