Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gimme the Shoulder

"Off the shoulder" is one of the biggest trends to hit this summer. This cut is seen on feminine dresses, structured tops and beachy rompers. It's flirty and sexy, without requiring too much skin shown. It also helps with any pesky tan lines that linger through the hot months. I love this dress from Zara, especially because of its pin-stripe print. Baby blue and white is my favorite color combo, so this dress immediately caught my eye. The cotton linen fabric is perfect to stay cool- even if the length is long. These Steve Madden heels are a staple in my wardrobe. The delicate heel is simple, and does not distract from the statement of the dress. I also like any shoe that has the ability to lengthen my feet and legs. (I like to pretend I am almost 6-feet tall sometimes) I would wear this outfit for a boozy brunch, a romantic trip to Malibu, or a stroll around the farmers market.

Most days I have to pinch myself- After three years of part time visits I am living in Los Angeles. Not very many people can truly say they are fighting for their dreams every-damn-day of their life. Anytime I feel sad or anxious or frustrated I take a walk or drive around the neighborhood. I soak in the view- the sunshine, the palm trees, the vibrant architecture. I have never been in a place that has felt more at home for me- and I have lived in MANY places. This city doesn't let you off the hook. LA gives off an illusion that it is slow-paced and very chill. In fact, its true citizens realize its not a sprint, its a marathon to your goals. Because there are ALOT of drifters who show up with lofty ideas. The people who realize it's not an overnight success story, are the ones who survive in the end. I love this city because I can take care of myself but still take the steps to get closer to what I want. This post I wanted to showcase the uniqueness of my neighborhood (Echo Park/ Silverlake.) My super rad photographer, Lauren O'Neil and I got in my car and just drove. Anytime we found a spot that caught our eye, we'd shoot and play with the environment. There was endless potential as we shot that day- which is what I feel about my life here. 
Zara Dress, Steve Madden Heels. 
Photo credits: Lauren O'Neil Boston photographer/graphic designer.

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