Friday, September 23, 2016

Valley Girl

'Tis the season to try something new. Fall means a new start. A time to refocus, recharge and recommit. This September, I am trying out these mantras- but in my style. I decided take some risks, define 'my style' more specifically, and invest in staple pieces. So here is the break down for this punky/fresh look.
1) TAKE A RISK- I am a dress and skirt kind of gal. Maybe its the years of Catholic school uniform skirts, but I feel most comfortable NOT in pants. I dread tights. (When I lived on the East Coast I would hold out on bare legs until the end of October.) So this fall, I am trying out different options for my bottoms. I am loving the cropped trouser trend- especially in unique fabrics. These faux-silk pants, add a polished feel without feeling too stiff or stuffy. I feel youthful and lively with this updated pin-stripe print. I am also invested in the choker trend, but want to veer away from the styles I wore back in 2002. This thick velvet-handmade choker creates a little drama, especially with the plunging neckline. 
2) DEFINE MY STYLE MORE- I am currently working on a closet clean out. I am hauling-out all of the items from the glory days of theatre school. I want to update my clothing to match my maturity, edge, and west coast style. So that means saying goodbye to the Urban Outfitters dresses I bought at a whim. Giving away the loud and silky 'going out tops'. And the ultra-trendy but now out of date hemlines, cutouts and patterns. 
3) INVEST IN STAPLE PIECES- Quality over quantity is my new motto when buying clothing. I keep an eye out for when local/eco-friendly brands have sales. I then buy pieces that are timeless, crisp and effortless. This white Ali Golden top is one of my new favorites. The neckline is feminine but not revealing. The cropped shape and mock-kimono sleeve adds an interesting twist to the classic white tunic. I say you cannot have too many well-made white shirts in your closet. I also got a new pair of 'adult' sunglasses. My first pair of Ray Bans I left in a bathroom in London.. so hopefully I have better luck this time around. I am obsessed with the hexagonal shape of the lens. I wanted the classic cool that Ray Bans bring, but find a frame that uniquely represented my sense of style. 
We shot this look at one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles- The Griffith Observatory. It's history dates back to 1935, and is one of the oldest fixtures of LA culture. The sweeping views from Downtown to Santa Monica beach, make it a go-to place for tourist and locals. People learn quickly its the closest you can get to the Hollywood sign without a strenuous hike. (I do frequent the Griffith Park trails with my pup and boyfriend. Would HIGHLY recommend). When I first started living in LA over four years ago, I would wake up early and drive up into the hills to catch the rising sun. A perk of Southern California living- being able to escape to natural beauty so effortlessly. When I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed by this busy city, there always a place to escape. I will play with my camera, do some writing or  let my mind wander. This fall I want to focus on self-care and that definitely include time at the park. 
Ali Golden top, Brandy Melville pants, Vintage denim jacket, 1187 Choker, Ray Ban sunglasses, 
Kosas Cosmetics Rosewater lipstick, 'We the Female' OPI Nail. 
Myy Jeraffi Los Angeles photographer @myyjeraffi


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moody Florals

A big trend for Fall I am digging currently- Bold florals. These vibrant patterns veer away from the minimalist cleanliness that has, in some ways, neutralized fashion on a mass scale. Expect colors to be moody- like navy, burgundy, hunter green and orange. I love this print because it embraces this trend without overly sweet or feminine. I styled this look with a pair of nude suede sandals, because it is still warm in Los Angeles. As the temps drop, I would throw on an over-sized vintage denim jacket, and chunky black bootie. Currently all about wrap dresses as well- this style is universally flattering. Blooming prints sometimes can be overwhelming. A dress that nips in at the waist, helps creates shape while still showing off the pattern. This dress is incredibly versatile-styling down for a day of errands or adding a heel for a more upscale night out. California-girl style is all about feeling easy- and creating looks that can transition into any situation. 
Recently I have been more conscious of what products I use on my face. During the summer my skin is prone to breakouts so fresh and simple is my basic makeup routine. When I want to add more color to a natural look, I use Kosas Cosmetics

This Los Angeles based company is inspired by the natural beauty they see in every woman. They create pigments that enhance and celebrate varying skin tones. These lip colors are made by hand, blending science + art to produce smooth finishes, balanced hues and hydrating properties. The lip-color goes on creamy but last HOURS- seriously. It does not dry out, and the color is very pigmented. I used the Rosewater color for this shoot, and will share my other favorites in other posts. 

Oliviacous dress, Zara Heels, Free People Sunglasses, Kosas Cosmetics Rosewater lipstick, 'We the Female' OPI Nail. 
Myy Jeraffi Los Angeles photographer @myyjeraffi


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mustang Sally

When styling looks, I often turn to music for inspiration. I pieced this look together on my bed, with the steady hum of late 60's classics. It was the kindof playlist my brother burned on a CD for me in the 6th grade. Music that instantly sounded cool- without having to try at all. I received my education in rock from my older brother- Just like that scrawny kid in 'Almost Famous' (Except he's not Zooey Deschanel, and I was listening from an iPod mini not a record player). Obviously it is nearly impossible to describe how music affects, and moves you as a person. It is such an individualized moment when those vibrations play from your radio or ear buds. I know when I am feeling stuck or relentlessly frustrated, I put on some music, move my body, and let myself go. It helps me creatively work- and find nuance in my fashion perspective. 
This is my last look from my collaboration with Whimsy + Row. I am obsessed with the gingham fabric of the the Jeanne crop. I paired this top with worn-in black denim and a chunky boot. These two pieces are my number one choice whenever I want to add some edge to my style. I loved this structured hat by Yellow 108. It perfectly framed my face and the sturdy brim actually can protect from the sun. This is definitely how California does Fall. 

This vintage Mustang we discovered in the Arts District was a splendid backdrop for this shoot. Los Angeles is a city based off the car industry. I walk my neighborhood and often see vintage VW buses, Chevy trucks, and M5 Beemers. It is cool to see the unique stories of the city- through the cars that drive the people around.

Whimsy + Row Top,  Top Shop Booties, Yellow 108 Hat. 
Photo credits: Britt Crowe local Los Angeles Photographer 

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