Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mustang Sally

When styling looks, I often turn to music for inspiration. I pieced this look together on my bed, with the steady hum of late 60's classics. It was the kindof playlist my brother burned on a CD for me in the 6th grade. Music that instantly sounded cool- without having to try at all. I received my education in rock from my older brother- Just like that scrawny kid in 'Almost Famous' (Except he's not Zooey Deschanel, and I was listening from an iPod mini not a record player). Obviously it is nearly impossible to describe how music affects, and moves you as a person. It is such an individualized moment when those vibrations play from your radio or ear buds. I know when I am feeling stuck or relentlessly frustrated, I put on some music, move my body, and let myself go. It helps me creatively work- and find nuance in my fashion perspective. 
This is my last look from my collaboration with Whimsy + Row. I am obsessed with the gingham fabric of the the Jeanne crop. I paired this top with worn-in black denim and a chunky boot. These two pieces are my number one choice whenever I want to add some edge to my style. I loved this structured hat by Yellow 108. It perfectly framed my face and the sturdy brim actually can protect from the sun. This is definitely how California does Fall. 

This vintage Mustang we discovered in the Arts District was a splendid backdrop for this shoot. Los Angeles is a city based off the car industry. I walk my neighborhood and often see vintage VW buses, Chevy trucks, and M5 Beemers. It is cool to see the unique stories of the city- through the cars that drive the people around.

Whimsy + Row Top,  Top Shop Booties, Yellow 108 Hat. 
Photo credits: Britt Crowe local Los Angeles Photographer 

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