Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Baby You Can Ring My Bell

 Ok, ok sometimes I get hooked on a trend- (Please refer to my love for 'off-the shoulder'- here, here and here). Lately, I have attempted to weed out fast fashion from my wardrobe and invest in classic pieces. But sometimes the fashion crowd cannot ignore a sillouhette or shape of a garment. A trend can elevates a look, giving it that added drama which sometimes is missing in 'ready to wear'. I give you, the bell-sleeve. A trend that is back for 2016, and will continue to come back years later. A girl cannot deny the flirty power of the bell-sleeve. This statement sleeve has full volume and gives a non-traditional flair to the LBD. My dress is by For Love & Lemons which is the master for creating ethereal and dreamy looks for the twenty-something gal. The detailed embroidered creates a sexy-peek of skin that is subtle and feminine. I paired this look with a chunky boot to balance out the overside proposition of the sleeve. Let's see if this trend sticks for me, but right now I am fully inspired by this dramatic look. 
As I continue to work on East West Edge, I am going to start sharing some of my go-to places in my area of LA. During the last four and a half years, I have curated my all-time favorites in Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz, and DTLA. I want to share the beauty I see in this city, and the little gems of places that keep inspiring me. So keep an eye out for my favorite restaurants, stores + views as I grow this little blog of mine. Especially for my out-of-town followers, I want to erase the plastic/perfect/celebrity myth of Los Angeles.
For Love & Lemons Dress (From Polka Dots & Moonbeams LA), Topshop Boots, Coach Purse, Rosewater Kosas Cosmetics. 
Photos by Man Lin Los Angeles photographer @linman415


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oh, the Places Well Go.

 There is something magical when you find a brand that effortlessly clicks into your style. You put on a garment and it simply 'works'. It captivates your imagination- through fabric and design- and transports you somewhere far away from the everyday norm. Local LA brand Tularosa, does this for me. This brand creates refined vintage-inspired fashion pulling color and texture from the wildly adventurous and beautiful spirit of California. The Eden black dress is uniquely constructed, with impeccable stitching details and bows. When wearing this dress I feel like I could be jetting off to Paris or going out to dinner on the Amalfi coast. I am inspired by fashion that makes me feel far from home- it becomes a lovely reminder to be curious and explore the world. Whether its road trip to the deserts of Joshua Tree. Or flying off to Tokyo to experience a city unlike any other. Tularosa is one of my new favorite brands (especially because it was created in Silverlake). I stoked to add more of their designs to my closet. 
Why is my blog called East West Edge? Originally, I wrote this blog from London in 2014 where I was studying abroad. When I returned to Boston Massuchets for my final year of college, I styled outfits and shot them just as a second creative project. I was an West Coast girl living on an East Coast life. Now I embrace this blog as a place for me to explore my creativity through fashion, writing, photography and travel that encapsulates the bold attitude and curiosity for world that has driven me through life. From East to West, I am inspired by landscapes, people, style and eats which in turn has helped me discover more of myself. 
Tularosa Dress, Who What Wear Hat, Zara Heels, OPI We the Female Gel Nail, Darkroom Kosas Cosmetics. 
Myy Jeraffi Los Angeles photographer @myyjeraffi


Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing Dress Up

I love any excuse to dress up. Sometimes Los Angeles style can get a little too 'laid back'. When I am busy, I often default to comfy vintage cut-offs, t-shirt dresses and basic converse. I love that my style can absolutely be simple, but every once in awhile I am itching to dress up my look. I love this dress by Oliviacous (local Los Angeles brand). I have never found a more flattering shift dress. It is perfectly oversided, still feeling feminine with the plunging neckline and choker collar. The fabric is a thick suede which instantly adds weight and texture. I want to play with more jewel tones as it slowly transitions into Fall. I love these Topshop shoes. They are not the standard stiletto, and add something uniquely cool to a more plain look. I feel sexy, effortlessly, and chic. And because its LA, who cares if you dress up just to grab coffee-
I partnered with Fossil for this look- and do love my Wander Q watch. Its immediately hooks up to my phone, so I receive push notifications. I am able to respond to my messages through the touch screen. It also conveniently counts my steps and activity- which fits my life as a personal trainer. I have been wanting a technologically savvy watch for awhile, but aesthetically never found one that fit me. This simple design including the gold detailing is perfect for all types of looks. 
Olivaceous Dress (From Polka Dots and Moonbeams), Fossil Watch, Topshop Heels, Nasty Gal purse, OPI We the Female Gel Nail, Rosewater Kosas Cosmetics. 
Myy Jeraffi Los Angeles photographer @myyjeraffi

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