Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blue Jean Baby

Alright, it can be a QUEST to find the perfect pair of vintage jeans. From fit, to wash, to brand- LA ladies are the masters of scouting for denim. Thankfully, denim is a fabric that gets better with age. That means once that miraculous pair is found, you'll be wearing those bad boys for a few decades. Fashion that is also an investment- I love it.
Lucky for me, my dear friends at Shop Future made my hunt much easier. 
Here are some tips to help find your KNOCK-OUT pair :
1) Know how you want the pants to fit you. Are you looking for a boyfriend skinny or straight fit? Factor in your general waist size when trying on items. I wanted my pants to be high waisted, so I chose a pair true to my size. I chose the 501 fit for button fly and classic fit. 
 2) Denim stretches over time, so its ok if they are tight at first. They fit looser each time worn. If you don't want them to fade or prevent holes from tearing, avoid from washing too often. If you want them to look more vintage, feel free to machine dry them. 
3) Remember, your denim can always be tailored. The pair I chose hit my ankles in a dorky 80's hem. With some scissors and a sewing machine, we we're able to cut my babies to a sharp crop at the shin. Hope this was helpful babes, and good luck on your hunt. Check out Shop Future to find the 'cool girl jeans' of your dreams. 
The most popular shoe of the moment- the loafer. Forget the heels, it's all about flats. So from Gucci to street style, this on-the-go trend has some staying power. These Topshop loafers polish any look. It adds a more refined touch- especially when mixing vintage + ultra trendy pieces. I'm a fan, seriously consider including a pair in your fall fashion choices. 

Shop Future Vintage Levi's, Topshop Loafers, Nasty Gal Bag, Brandy Melville Turtleneck, Ray Ban Sunglasses. 
Hannah Caprara Los Angeles photographer @hannahcaprara



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