Uniform Days

Do you have a piece of clothing that undeniably hold sentimental value? Something that feels so 'you', that no matter how styled, confidence + comfort are effortlessly there. Honestly, that's me and my uniform skirt from my high school days. It's slightly embarrassing, but most likely due to the years of wear (in rain or shine) at my Northern California all-girls Catholic School. It reminds me of rebellion, when I would sneak and wear non-dress code pieces- Like a boys white tee instead of a polo, or a vintage sweatshirt over uniform sweater. I cannot say I was cool enough to rock Dr. Martens, but oddly I feel inspiration from this forever piece in my closet.
Every fall, I find ways to style this look more. I am currently obsessed with the monochromatic trend. I wore this rich maroon blazer, (which I also brought along with me to Fashion Week) and this Who What Wear bag to play with the 'matchy matchy'. My patent leather boots are also a favorite for the colder months. All about long
Plaid Uniform Skirt (Similar to here), Zara Maroon Blazer (Similar to here),Urban Outfitters Black Patent Leather Boots, Who What Wear Collection bucket bag (one of my other favorite designs).
Photo credits: Kendall Keith https://thatmoodychic.com

Trend Test Drive- Houndstooth Print

Let's chat trendy clothes.  They come, they go, and you end up with a closet full of pieces you only wore a few times. Every season, there are a few must-buy-trends, that tend to feel dated within a few months. As I have gotten older, I have learned not to shell out my hard earned cash for fleeting moments in style. For me, its hard to keep up with these fast moving trends, and I noticed it prevented me from creating my own point of view in how I dress. So now, I pay attention to magazines and street style and runways- but only try out styles that feel authentic to my fashion vocabulary. I feel like my style doesn't seem like I try so hard, when I stopped trying dress like a trendy LA girl. 
When it comes to working a trend, I LOVE prints. Example would be this summer trend of gingham. I learned by finding pieces that seemed classic + flattering to me, they still felt current when made in a coveted print. Currently, I adore black + white plaid, which is having a starring moment currently in fashion. This print clearly pulls inspiration from the past. I love that you can find this print in department stores + vintage shops. I scored this darling houndstooth print skirt at the boutique Sister in Long Beach. This look feels a little 90's, a little London punky. The big bow on the side as a touch of girly personality for a more tomboy look. I paired the skirt with this fuzzy boxy sweater, chunky boots and (STILL MY FAVORITE) fishermen's hat. Have you tried this plaid trend out? I promise this won't be the last of it you see on me. 
Look sponsored by Boutique Sister in Long Beach
Double Zero Sweater (Similar to here) , Etophe Plaid Skirt (Similar to here), H&M Fishermen Hat (Similar to here), Zara Chunky Boot. 
Photos by Los Angeles based Photographer Alex Taman 

Easy Boyfriend Tee

Somedays, I want to keep it easy. I don't want to overthink my look, and want to be comfortable on the go. That's where my white boyfriend tee comes into play. I probably wear a variation of this look two to three times a week. A white tee is a staple for every LA girl. California style is all about embracing the cool and effortless. The versatility of this basic is endless- A white tee can be a look that seamlessly can go from day to night. So where do I get my go-to tees? Honestly, I buy all my white tees in the men's section. Many women's brands make the boxy t-shirt, but notice with my broad shoulders and full chest a true men's shirt fit my style best. When I am on a budget I always head to H&M's men's section. I love the thick collars of the tee and the silky texture of the cotton. I've also bought tees from Anine Bing, Brandy Melville, and even Target's men's section. Get creative, and just find a cut that fits your style. I love cuffing the sleeves, tucking it into my high waisted jeans, and throwing on a pair of loafers or sneakers.
My on-the-go style has been essential lately, due to my jam packed schedule. I am stoked for some exciting things coming to the blog + my acting career. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about being stuck in a rut. It's funny how easy it is to not listen to your own advice. But the past weeks, I have dedicated time to streamlining my life. Making consistent schedules, getting outside, eating healthy, surrounding myself around other creative people. And after a few days, I didn't feel trapped at all- I felt incredibly optimistic. So seriously, remember bad times DON'T last forever. Slow down, take care of yourself, and things will move through you. I have been so much happier, when I don't allow my expectations to get in the way, and finding confidence in the person I am here and now. 
AG Jeans Phoebe in Rebellion, H&M Men's Cotton Tee, Topshop Loafers (Sold out but similar option), Mejuri Gratitude Necklace, Zac by Zac Posen Sunglasses, Timex Watch, Vintage 1950's Purse.

Fall Wedding Style in Reformation

Like every LA girl, I have quite an infatuation with the brand Reformation. (I also love any brand that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and based in locally). Reformation is the master of 'one and done looks'. Their pieces instantly make me feel beautiful, without trying hard at all. (Think French girl elegance with a laid back California approach.) The past few weeks I attended a few weddings (which you might of seen on my insta-stories), so I decided I would invest in a dress that I would want to wear (even after all the parties.) I fell for moody rose print, and the flattering wrap silhouette. Fall weddings can be challenging to dress for- with cooler temperatures and changing style trends. I love this piece for its versatility- It can be styled to each occasion (dress up or making it a little more casual.). A Santa Monica wedding, I wore a vintage inspired nude stiletto with Old Hollywood round curls. An outdoor wine country wedding, I wore a chunky black heel with my black motto jacket. As I am getting older, I am finding more and more value in investing in clothing that's high quality and timeless. Reformation has got you covered, for garments that you'll want to wear months and even years later. 
Reformation dress (sold out in print, but same style), Steve Madden Block Sandals, Zac Posen Sunglasses, Azil Boutique Choker

Getting Out of a Rut + the Power of a Pant Suit

 I cherish the beginning of a new month. It is a time for a little self reflection. A moment to slow down, check in, and see how the mind and heart are holding up. And I have to be honest, the past few weeks I have been stuck in a little rut. I have been feeling disconnected creatively, and allowing my anxiety to cloud my focus and drive. I am a firm believer, that what we focus on the most will manifest in our lives. I need to hone in the power of my originality and trust that hard work does pay off. Especially during the times when I feel spread thin or completely overwhelmed by my over-arching long term goals. The life of a freelancer is a wobbly and thrilling journey. So, as I continue to pursue acting, blogging and paying my bills, here are some of my tactics for feeling a unstuck. 
 - Dress the part. Want to feel successful, and powerful? Get out of your sweats and dress the part of the person you want to be. Everyday, wake up and pick an outfit that elevates your confidence. I often work from home, but I am trying more to get out of my PJs ASAP. Even if I am not leaving my house immediately, how can I create a look that represents the person I want to be in the world. (Can I also say, this pant suit from Zara made me feel incredibly cool during my visit in NYC). 
-Get outside. Especially in LA, don't forget the power of sunshine and fresh air. If I am feeling overwhelmed or notice myself lingering on my phone for a long time, its time to go outside. Take a walk (for me its with my dog). Ditch the electronics and social media for thirty minutes to an hour. You'll feel refreshed and ready to keep working.
-Surround yourself with people who inspire you. I often feel very isolated by the work that I do. I feel my best when I am around people. I am an extrovert in that sense. So during the week I try to schedule a couple coffee dates, or go to blogger events (I especially love the events by Who What Wear). When I feel locked in a mood or my self doubt, I notice an instant shift when I connect with other creatives. Meet new people, create a community, and support one another in your pursuits.
-Create a schedule. This is the hardest thing for me. My schedule is not consistent every week. It changes even on a daily basis. But when I write a schedule down and commit to it, I get more work done. Some days I wish I had the structure of a 9-5 schedule, but why can't I create that for myself? I also get more work done when I am not home- so I am trying to schedule "office hours". Getting out of my house and perching at one of my local coffee shops elevates my productivity (making the three bucks for coffee worth it). 
Here are a few of my favorite books that have helped me, when I was feeling low about my unconventional lifestyle. 
BIG MAGIC- Elizabeth Gilbert
THE ARTIST'S WAY- Julie Cameron
YOU ARE A BAD ASS- Jen Sincero 
Sending support to all you babes who hustle hard for their BIG dreams. I support you full heartedly! I know when I am feeling stuck, it is only temporary. I have the power to shift my focus, and find a way to take it day by day. 
Zara Flared Trouser, Blazer + Striped T-shrit, Urban Outfitters Patent Leather Boots, Vintage 1950's Handbag (Vintage option here, Modern option here.), Ray Ban Sunglasses
Photos by NYC based Laurel Creative

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