Thursday, January 5, 2017

Classic with a Twist

When it comes to fashion, I find a lot of inspiration from past style trends. I define my style as vintage-inspired but with a modern edgy twist. Sometimes images stick with me for a long time. Example, Audrey Hepburn's attire in the movie 'Funny Face'. (Still inspired by that iconic dance scene after first viewing in the 6th grade). Hepburn was effortlessly cool, in her cropped pant and tight knit turtleneck. And of course I wanted to be her (something that isn't unique for fashion lovers of the world). Looking at my closet now, one piece that I have begun to invest in- a tailor fit pant. A chic pair of trousers can elevate an everyday look- I am loving this high waisted pair from Aella Collection. The silhouette is sexy and polished, hugging my feminine curves in all the right places. I added this trendy Free People backpack (Obsessing over the puff of course) to keep a youthful and fresh pop to this look. Combining the classic with the trendy is my fashion philosophy. How do you do this in your own stylings? 
Did you know there is a viewing deck on top of Los Angeles City Hall? I don't think you did, and the best part? IT'S FREE. If you are looking for sensational views of this diverse city skyline, head on up to the top floor. Just sharing a local secret with you, thank me later x 
Aella Collection Turtleneck & Pants, Nine West Heels, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Free People Backpack.
Photos by @xjenn3 


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