Monday, January 9, 2017

Dream Away Darling

Sometimes, I find a garment that makes me feel like I am in a movie or classic novel. It sparks my imagination in a remarkable way. SUCH AS- I choose to wear a gown around my apartment for no reason other than its Monday. I drink a glass of Grenache and listen to vintage vinyl spin around my record player. I sit on my hardwood floors, sketch and writing on all floors. 
And I get this feeling all from a dress- now that's wear the magic of fashion lies. This Tularosa gown (My favorite LA brand) makes me feel feminine and authentic. I was drawn to this garment for its bold viridian color yet delicate translucent fabric. It is a dress that is elegant and elevated, but still embraces the natural beauty of the wearer. I would never have believed a dress could set my imagination so a fire. Let the day-dreaming begin. 
Tularosa Dress from @ShopResurrection We the Female OPI Nail Polish
Photo credits: Britt Crowe Bay Area based photographer


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