Friday, February 3, 2017

Daisy Days

Swinging into spring a little early? I might be a tad eager, but in La La Land we embrace sunshine all year long. I am missing golden tan legs, drinking cocktails poolside, treks up to Dodger Stadium. I am longing for those days when the sun refuses to set, and stretch out longer and longer with each summer day. So even in the 'dead of California winter'- let's pretend not February. At least the weather plays on our team sometimes. Shout out to my readers in Chicago, New York City, Boston and any other snow covered city. Bundle up, drink hot coco, it'll be over soon. 

Prediction for Spring- I will be embracing the ULTRA girly. Maybe it's my upcoming trip to Italy, or my infatuation with movies from the 1950's- Dreamy + whimsical are becoming more apart of my fashion vocabulary. (And this is coming from a tomboy who swore by vans and white tees). Light breezy fabrics, short hems, and playful prints feel ladylike and daring. I found this For Love of Lemons daisy skirt at Wasteland, and instantly fell for the print. Unfortunately, after scouring the internet- it is sold out EVERYWHERE. (Which makes me feel lucky to have discovered this + on sale too!). There is power in dressing feminine, that I think is remerging. So all hail feeling beautiful, fresh and easy. 
 For Love & Lemons Skirt (sold out!), Topshop Blouse (similar to here), Who What Wear Collection Straw Hat (similar to here), Target Black Boots, Ray Ban Sunglasses, OPI Nail Polish Bubble Bath

Photos by Los Angeles Photographer Stefanie M. Marie 


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