Thursday, March 30, 2017

Neo-Nautical with Old Navy.

It's almost April and to end this month I am partnering up with Old Navy to #SayHi to springtime in Los Angeles. My little fling for spring? Nautical vibes. Preppy and playful, stripes are a timeless pattern that often become the unofficial mascot of warmer times. (Think colorful umbrellas, bright beach balls, and bold of bathing suits). Mixing stripes is a way to step out of the norm, and add texture to a look. I currently am living in these distressed cropped flared jeans. The fabric is so soft, and I love being able to dress them up with the vibrant pumps. The army green jacket is light enough for spring, and adds my signature tom-boy-twist. How do you dress up your stripes?

Full look sponsored by Old Navy x Collectively Co.
Distressed Cropped Flares, Striped T-shirt, Olive Green Jacket, Sueded D'Orsay Pumps, Nautical Neckerchief


Monday, March 27, 2017

Seven Magic Mountains

When visiting Las Vegas, sometimes you need a break from the crowded strip, and glaring casino lights. Ten miles south of the city is a stunning art installation that is definitely worth the trek out to the desert. Created by Ugo Rondinone, this piece explores the cross roads between the natural + artificial. The natural is represented through the locally sourced stone, and the sweeping backdrop of the Jean Dry Lake. The artificial seen through the constant stream of cars on parallel highway headed to the city. Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice- There is something explicitly grand standing underneath the thirty-five foot tall rock structures. My style and aesthetic is immensely inspired by architecture, so it is captivating to see how human construction can cohesively blend with the natural environment. 
This look is also apart of Whimsy + Row's Spring eco-friendly collection. The Marianne wrap dress is sweet, vintage inspired, and versatile for all kinds of adventures. I love the open back detail, and the light weight dead-stock fabric. I am a sucker when it comes to floral dresses, and I know this will be on heavy rotation for summer. Also love showing off my newly found tan. What are some of your favorite weekend trips from Los Angeles?
Whimsy + Row Marianne Wrap Dress, Lack of Color Joplin Hat, Target Block Heels

Photos by Las Vegas Photographer Natasha Warren


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Desert Trippin' with Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row (one of my long-time favorite local brands) just launched their Spring 2017 Collection. I first starting learning about eco-fashion when I first back to Southern California two years ago. I never understood the amount of waste that accumulates through the production of clothing making. Whimsy + Row values sustainability, style and comfort when designing their ready-to-wear styles for the easy and adventurous woman. All the pieces are sourced from recycled dead-stock fabric, and handmade with care in a factory in DTLA. I truly believe the fashion industry is moving away from massive department stores that boomed during our childhoods. Millennial women are savy about where they invest their money (even in clothing) and smaller brands are able to give the uniqueness + quality that we desire. 
I am kind of obsessed with the Valentina wide leg trouser. There is a timeless quality in cut and hem of these pants. I love the belt detail, and the texturized linen fabric. I feel like every woman should have a pair of trousers they feel confident and easy in. I can imagine myself wearing these pants for date night at the beach, a stroll around Echo Park Lake, or (like above) a weekend road trip to the desert. 
Whimsy + Row Valentina Wide Leg Trouser and Jeanne Crop Top (Seen on East West Edge here and here), Ray Ban Sunglasses, Target Block Heels

Photos by local Las Vegas Photographer Natasha Warren


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fashion Test Drive- Shades of Yellow.

Serving some sunny-side-up with my style this week. Who hasn't seen the cliche magazine article about the challenges of wearing yellow? It's unflattering. It's too loud. It's washes out skin tones. Once again its time to ditch ALL limiting fashion rules. Yellow should not be a forbid fashion hue. 
Spring 2017 runways got the hint, showcasing pieces ranging from the cheery buttercup to muted canary. The Golden Globes saw a electric presence of yellow gowns- from Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Emily Ratajkowski. This shade works best when there is a richness in texture, and intricacy in detail. 
I am pretty obsessed with this Nasty Gal Collection suede motto jacket. This is piece is a stand out, due to its deep golden pigmentation. A little rocker, a little edgy but still ultra fem- due to the sillouhte synching perfectly at the waist. I styled mine with my favorite Topshop high waisted denim, and my go-to chunky black boot. I also would also try a mini leather skirt or a pair of dark wash cropped flares. When I wear vibrant fabrics I tend to keep the rest of my look neutral and classic to my personal style. So despite it's reputation- trust me- you can find that shade of yellow that elevates your style. 
Nasty Gal Collection Golden Roads Suede Jacket (similar to here), Vintage White Tee, Topshop Denim, Quay Sunglasses (similar to here), Steven Madden Boots

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Monday, March 13, 2017

Embracing the Authentic

Today, I start a new post series on East West Edge all about the boss-babe hustle. This post series will include tips strategies and any lessons I learned along my way. A huge part of my current life is learning how to juggle all of my passions (while still paying my bills). So learn from my mistakes, embrace the future unknown, and savor the journey. 
(Because I know my goals can't be achieved overnight). 
Living life with authenticity- But really, what the hell does that mean?
Especially in a city like Los Angeles, finding your most 'authentic self' can become a blur. A place surrounded by fleeting Instagram-worthy trends, aggressively sunny-personalities, and zombie people  pleasing mentalities- How do you stick to what's truthful to you?
I struggled at first. Straight out of college, I wanted to start my life back in California with a polished, perfected point of view. 'Fake it until you make it' was my little motto, and it did work for awhile. But something was missing- Vulnerability. Human beings CAN'T be perfect all the time. Trust me, even Beyonce has her shitty days. So I began working away at my 'Virgo' perfectionist brain. I took time to cultivate what makes me genuinely unique. Whether it be my point of views, my physical appearance or sense of humor. People sniff phony out right away (whether it's a career or social situation.) 
I asked my self- why waste time being disingenuous? People naturally swoon for effortlessly confident people. It's not their ego or arrogance that people find captivating. Confident people navigate the world with genuine self-knowledge of who they are, what they want, and how they wish to be treated by others. And wait, that's the kind of person I want to be. 
So I stopped comparing my size & height to the ladies in my audition rooms. I allowed my off-beat and strange sense of humor to be more present. I didn't judge that some days I wear converse and Levi's, and other days I wear strappy heels and floral dresses. I don't feel ashamed if I rather stay in with my dog and boyfriend than get wasted at some bar in Weho. I stopped diminishing my pursuits to labels and allowed myself to feel pride in my accomplishments. 

Of course, I am still working on this everyday. I take it day by day though. No pressure to be perfect. 
My new mantra- Carry thyself with confidence, openness, intelligence and spunk.
 Invest in the truth, and it will set you free x
Zara Skirt (Similar to here), Brandy Melville Sweater, Topshop Boots (Leather version here), Lo & Son's Clutch, Vera Wang Sunglasses

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Working Girl Style- Cropped Flares

Being honest right away, I do not live a typical 9 to 5 life. I do not sit behind a desk. I get to be my own boss for most of my work. But that doesn't mean that dressing 'professional' isn't apart of my vocabulary. Especially in Los Angeles- our 'chill' AF attitude can blur the lines between casual and dressy. Plus I never want to lose my personal style even during professional meetings, auditions, or interviews. My solution / go to - My Who What Wear cropped dress pant. Versatile, minimal, and flirty- these trousers create a kicky accent to the tired concept of 'dress pant'. The hemline allows the footwear to be on display, which is where you get to show off your personality. I went for my beloved pear loafers by Jeffrey Campbell. But this style looks edgy with a bold colored pump, suede pointy boots, or vintage-inspired sandal. So next time #GirlBoss you have a high stressful meeting or audition to attend- RELAX by creating a look that is purely YOU. Living your authentic self will only open more doors for you. 

 Who What Wear Cropped Pants, H&M Cotton Button-Down, Topshop Faux Leather Coat, Jeffrey Campbell Pearl Loafer, Fossil Watch, Coach Purse (Similar to here)

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Monday, March 6, 2017

RECAP: Girl Boss Rally 2017

How do you define success? March 4th, 2017- I started to answer that question for myself. And it doesn't look like money or fame or being able to afford a Chanel bag. It was at the The Girl Boss Rally in Downtown Los Angeles. 500 smart and ambitious attendees, 50 inspiring speakers, an event connecting educating and empowering women to define success for themselves. This rally reignited my dimming passion and allowed me to critically + kindly examine my overall journey in LA. YES BIG STUFF BABES. All which exceeded my expectations- leaving me humbled, energized and ready to be my own GIRL BOSS. 
I was running behind on my perfectly crafted morning schedule. I anxiously sat in my Lyft to DTLA, worrying that my chiffon pants were already wrinkling, and if I would be lonely attending an all day event alone. A block away I see flashes of pink and well dressed women emerging from their cars. Here we go- I take a breath, find my ground and remind myself WHY I CAME TODAY. Riding the neon lit shaft elevator, I emerge to a sweeping loft space.All day surrounded by hundreds of stylish, smart and confident women- I wasn't intimidated. I was embraced. I felt at home, attendees checking their competitive minds and judgements at the door. I spoke to women from all over the world. all coming to Los Angeles to get that dose of female-empowered-inspiration. The aesthetic of the space was divine, all beautifully curated and millennial pink. Moon Juice & Sweet Greens shared unlimited treats all day. Bumble took head shots for Linkden profiles. The day was infused with a feeling of effortless and mutual support. 
Five take aways for the Girl Boss everywhere. 
1) Commit to working on the internal. Self-care needs to be high on your priorities. (I struggle with this one, ALOT.) Gabby Bernstein and many other speakers discussed mediation + mantra practice in their lives. Move your body. Eat well but eat that donut too. Take the nap (judgment free) if you're run down. Talk to a therapist. Ditch the cell phone + social media. Digging deep and honoring what your body and soul needs will aid in accomplishing those BIG goals. Investing in yourself is #1. 
2) Work smarter not harder. Busy vs. Productivity. Multi-tasking doesn't work. Commit to working on one project at a time. It will focus and ground you in the present moment. Discover what work environments you thrive in. Create a shorter to-do-list but ACTUALLY finish the tasks on it. Ditch backup plans, and manifest all energy to what you want (despite what other might think of you). 
3) The Universe rewards your authentic self. Own what makes you unique + different in this world. Allow your authentic self to shine through in all the work you do. Especially as an actress, trying to ever be an idea of someone I am not is a total red flag. Humans invest in truth, and vulnerability. 
4) Failure is not a negative.Where you start might not be where you end up. Mistakes can be positive momentum to what you want. Trial and error is how we evolve and grow. Do not feel like you have to follow a protocol experience. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A NO is not the end of the world. Rejection is just a swerve in a new direction. There is strength in being flexible and having the ability to evolve in circumstances. 
5) Stop surrounding yourself with negativity. People, energy and environment. Weed out the crowd that isn't challenging you. Finding optimism is power. Repeating a thought (good or bad) becomes a belief. Infusing an idea with energy and excitement can shift your life. Redirect your thoughts, and create vision boards for the goals you want to commit yourself too. Fuck perfectionism, shape a positive world you want to see. 
Gabby Bernstein starting the day speaking about intentions. 
Still buzzing from this experience. Walking away with friends + collaborators across the globe. I will be attending more Girl Boss events in the future. Shout out to Sophia Amoruso and the entire Girl Boss Team for crushing their first event. And as Sophia said with a smirk to a crowd of newly found Girl Bosses- 'Give em hell.'

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