Monday, March 6, 2017

RECAP: Girl Boss Rally 2017

How do you define success? March 4th, 2017- I started to answer that question for myself. And it doesn't look like money or fame or being able to afford a Chanel bag. It was at the The Girl Boss Rally in Downtown Los Angeles. 500 smart and ambitious attendees, 50 inspiring speakers, an event connecting educating and empowering women to define success for themselves. This rally reignited my dimming passion and allowed me to critically + kindly examine my overall journey in LA. YES BIG STUFF BABES. All which exceeded my expectations- leaving me humbled, energized and ready to be my own GIRL BOSS. 
I was running behind on my perfectly crafted morning schedule. I anxiously sat in my Lyft to DTLA, worrying that my chiffon pants were already wrinkling, and if I would be lonely attending an all day event alone. A block away I see flashes of pink and well dressed women emerging from their cars. Here we go- I take a breath, find my ground and remind myself WHY I CAME TODAY. Riding the neon lit shaft elevator, I emerge to a sweeping loft space.All day surrounded by hundreds of stylish, smart and confident women- I wasn't intimidated. I was embraced. I felt at home, attendees checking their competitive minds and judgements at the door. I spoke to women from all over the world. all coming to Los Angeles to get that dose of female-empowered-inspiration. The aesthetic of the space was divine, all beautifully curated and millennial pink. Moon Juice & Sweet Greens shared unlimited treats all day. Bumble took head shots for Linkden profiles. The day was infused with a feeling of effortless and mutual support. 
Five take aways for the Girl Boss everywhere. 
1) Commit to working on the internal. Self-care needs to be high on your priorities. (I struggle with this one, ALOT.) Gabby Bernstein and many other speakers discussed mediation + mantra practice in their lives. Move your body. Eat well but eat that donut too. Take the nap (judgment free) if you're run down. Talk to a therapist. Ditch the cell phone + social media. Digging deep and honoring what your body and soul needs will aid in accomplishing those BIG goals. Investing in yourself is #1. 
2) Work smarter not harder. Busy vs. Productivity. Multi-tasking doesn't work. Commit to working on one project at a time. It will focus and ground you in the present moment. Discover what work environments you thrive in. Create a shorter to-do-list but ACTUALLY finish the tasks on it. Ditch backup plans, and manifest all energy to what you want (despite what other might think of you). 
3) The Universe rewards your authentic self. Own what makes you unique + different in this world. Allow your authentic self to shine through in all the work you do. Especially as an actress, trying to ever be an idea of someone I am not is a total red flag. Humans invest in truth, and vulnerability. 
4) Failure is not a negative.Where you start might not be where you end up. Mistakes can be positive momentum to what you want. Trial and error is how we evolve and grow. Do not feel like you have to follow a protocol experience. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A NO is not the end of the world. Rejection is just a swerve in a new direction. There is strength in being flexible and having the ability to evolve in circumstances. 
5) Stop surrounding yourself with negativity. People, energy and environment. Weed out the crowd that isn't challenging you. Finding optimism is power. Repeating a thought (good or bad) becomes a belief. Infusing an idea with energy and excitement can shift your life. Redirect your thoughts, and create vision boards for the goals you want to commit yourself too. Fuck perfectionism, shape a positive world you want to see. 
Gabby Bernstein starting the day speaking about intentions. 
Still buzzing from this experience. Walking away with friends + collaborators across the globe. I will be attending more Girl Boss events in the future. Shout out to Sophia Amoruso and the entire Girl Boss Team for crushing their first event. And as Sophia said with a smirk to a crowd of newly found Girl Bosses- 'Give em hell.'


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