Thursday, April 27, 2017

California Color Cues

2017 has been all about experimenting with color when it comes to my wardrobe. When I lived on the East Coast, I would buy all my clothing in black. It was simple, easy to style, and would fit my mood when I walked to class in four inches of snow. I associated the color black with being 'chic'- without realizing how limiting of a rule that was. When I came back to my sunny California, it took me awhile to find my groove. But after my first summer, I let the sun-soaked landscape guide my fashion choices. My skin got tanner, my hair got lighter, and a feeling of relief lifted off my chest. When I am on the west coast, I never feel like I have to pretend to be someone else. My 'all-black' edgy girl wardrobe of the East Coast, wasn't fully me- and especially as I continue to grow and evolve. Of course, clothing doesn't define who you are, but it can alter how you view yourself. After two years officially back on West Coast, I can say this is exactly where I need to be. And somehow through my styling choices, I am learning that lesson even more. 
This look I collaborated with New York City based brand Heartloom. I love their clothing, because just like my experience, they are a mix of West Coast + East Coast styles. This dress is so easy, and immediately puts me in the mind set for summer. All of their clothing is vintage inspired but with unexpected and quirky details (Like the peek-a-boo shoulder on this dress). I know this will be in high rotation as the temps continue to rise.  
Heartloom Dress (Coming summer 2017), Target Sandals, Seoul Little Los Angeles Necklace, Vintage Basket Purse from Rose Bowl Flea Market. 

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Monday, April 24, 2017

Brand Spotlight- J.O.A

One brand I currently dream my closet was full of- Just One Answer (J.O.A). Whimsical florals, breezy light fabrics and matching separates- This Los Angeles based brand has totally stolen my heart. (And yeah my wallet-). This baby blue skirt + top set is already sold out EVERY WHERE, so unfortunately I can't directly link this look for you all. I paired my vintage inspired outfit with my timeless Marais USA sandals. I saved up for my first pair awhile ago, and have been holding off wearing them until spring. (And mainly for my trip to Italy.) I am totally into monochromatic style, and finding ways to match colors in chic + unexpected ways. 
Just One Answer is a fashion escapism for me. When I try on their clothing, I immediately feel far away from my daily life. I've talked about this before- how clothing can fuel your imagination and creativity. I love pieces that take me somewhere and spark my day-dreams. As an actress, I am a story-teller through plays and film. But I do believe clothing can do the same. A dress can take me to far away place-even if I'm just going out for a cocktail in my neighborhood. Styles that transcend the physical clothing is something I seek when scouting store racks. 
J.O.A Top + Skirt (Sold out everywhere, so I linked the same pieces but in different prints here + here), MARAIS USA Sandals.

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fit Tips + Steps to a Little More Self Love

I am stepping away from my usual to share my other side hustle- Personal training. I got into fitness at first for selfish reasons. I wanted to stay fit as an actress and keep a 'skinny physique'. So like, why not make money while doing it? But as I begun to train clients and teach classes, I realized the misconceptions that still trigger women to do harmful things to their bodies (whether it be verbally or physically). It woke me up. I noticed right away behaviors and habits I did, that constantly tore myself down. I also noticed lifting weights made me feel stronger, and not 'bulky' like culture loves to depict.  I became diligent in combatting the body-hate for myself and my clients. My focus became teaching women practical + healthy ways to feel confident and strong in their skin. Of course working out, and eating healthy is a major part of all of this. But I also wanted to debunk the myths surrounding the feminine PERFECT BODY (which becomes ingrained in our heads at such a young age.) Through my journey with my clients + friends I have reaffirmed for myself that my worth has nothing to do with the size of my body. Knowledge is power when it comes to getting healthy + loving yourself. Everyone is different- in body, genetics and goals. But here are some of my tips that helped me feel more confident healthy and balanced. (Health is seriously so trial and error). 
 MOVE YOUR BODY- I constantly have to redefine what "working out" is for me. If I am too sedentary, it crushes my creativity and makes me feel totally lethargic. A big shift was changing the dialogue in my head around fitness. Through parts of college, workingout meant trying to achieve the "perfect version of my body." I would aimlessly go to the gym, go on the elliptical and try to BURN calories. It was vague and unattainable- because it was not truly rooted in bettering myself. It was all about the outer shell. When I have goals that don't fill up my soul, I do fail and cycle back to harsh self criticism. So I got educated, started lifting weights and stopped trying to be perfect. I learned, when I do it for the endorphins, when I move to feel stronger, when I sprint to sweat out my frustrations- the workouts feel GOOD. Later posts I'll share some of my workout guides. But my go-to activities are HIIT Cardio, Heavy lifting, Sprinting, Hiking, and Pilates. 
EATS- Food. I think this is the hardest part for women especially. Everyone is different REMEMBER. At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend (who is also a personal trainer + actor) decided to make a big shift in our eating. We we're going out to dinner all the time, and not thinking about what we were putting in our bodies. January, we started the Whole 30- And for my body this just works. I made it the full month- (No dairy, no gluten, no legumes, no modified vegan desserts, NO alcohol.) Healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle needs to be #1 priority. I work out less (only three times a week), because I eat well. I dropped the little fat that my burpees just couldn't burn. 
Best fitness results do come from a whole diet. It balanced out my hormones, cleared my skin up, gave me energy. I am more positive, and love the way my body feels even more now.
 Best part of this lifestyle switch- I eat as MUCH as I want. Literally eat all day. Because I am fueling my body with food that actually gives my body nutrients and energy. Right now, I am living by the 90-10 ratio. During the week I am healthy, Saturdays I enjoy a brunch out, have some wine, and eat a sweet treat. FIND YOUR BALANCE BABES. 
MENTAL HEALTH- Emotional health is linked with mental health. Tools that have helped me find my ground (when stress, and work and expectations start to build). Meditation and breathing exercises. Listening to music and dancing around my house. Talking to someone I trust, and expressing those feelings. Singing in my car. Journaling right when I wake up, and right before bed. Reading, either novels or self-help inspiration memoirs. Seek professional help. If you take care of the inside, and the outside will fall into place too. 
Feel free to email me any questions- Also if you live in Los Angeles and looking for a trainer I'm always looking to work with new clients. I am so inspired by my clients courage and drive to go for what they want in life. Workout guides coming soon! 
Fabletics Crop Top (Similar to here), Zella Mesh Leggings, Nike Metcon 3 Trainers.

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Double Denim Days

Double denim- a trend so WRONG its RIGHT. And trust me, this look is going nowhere. The Canadian Tuxedo is consistently seen on off-duty celebrities, and breezy LA babes. It is a high risk trend (no one wants to look like the denim disaster that is Britney + Justin circa 2001.) Here's my advice when dressing in full denim.  
1) Keep it simple. By embracing the monochromatic, the look will feel fresh and cool. Don't start to pile on too many trends onto double denim. It'll lose that effortlessly feel, and looks disoriented and clunky. 
2) Try out different shades of denim that compliment each other. Honor the colors of the fabric and use it as a source of inspiration. Notice textures and if the denim is distressed. I like pairing this ultra distressed high-waisted jean with a crisp light blue chambray. The tones are contrasting so the pieces feel separate enough- simply break up the denim.  
3) Cuts and silhouettes of denim can completely change the look. Choose your pants or skirt wisely. I love these rolled ankle-grazers with a low block heel for spring. Some of my other favorites include a bold bell-bottom, a distressed mini-skirt and a sharp kick flare. 
4) Tell your look's story through the accessories. Double denim can be elevated depending on the add-ons. I wanted this spring-look to feel easy and feminine and natural. This look is an every-day work look for me. Whether running errands, shooting photos, or having a coffee date- the accessories help embrace my casual spring style. 
5) Find your confidence. Whenever trying out a trend, you gotta find that extra little confidence. So rock the denim with a killer pair a heels, or that statement purse that makes your feel extra. Don't fear a fashion faux pas- finding your uniqueness in this look takes it to the next level.

American Eagle Denim, Madewell Chambray Shirt, Forever 21 Mules, Old Navy Purse, Lack of Color Joplin Hat.

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Greenhouse Charm With Old Navy

#SayHi to that full-time spring feeling. 
 Los Angeles (and the rest of California) is in full bloom. This year I am embracing the florals not only in my urban landscape but in my fashion choices too. This month I am partnering up again with Old Navy to celebrate the playful spirit of spring. Their Greenhouse Charm collection is full of vibrantly colorful pieces, charming floral prints, and vintage inspired silhouettes. I love this breezy black shift dress. It feels classic and effortless (which is what you need once the temperatures start to rise in city).  I paired this dress with my favorite pair of loafers, and my current go-to accessory a straw hat. This whimsical look is a perfect for a special occasion- Such as Easter Brunch with the family or a wedding shower. Add a pair of wedges or dainty gold jewelry to dress up a little more. I'm not running away from the florals + color this year. Life's too short to wear boring clothes. 
Old Navy Shift Dress and Denim Jacket, Target Boater Hat, Topshop Loafers, Fossil Watch.

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Poppy Field Dreams

Super bloom. Its flooded our Instagram feeds, and signaled the end of California's mega drought. 
Replacing dry dusty land, are vibrant wild flowers and lush rolling hills. (Something our state hasn't seen in years). I took a day trip out to Antelope Valley to appreciate this rare moment in nature. Irresistibly dreamy, the poppy reserve was a breath of fresh air away from the city. It is easy to get stuck in Los Angeles, carried away with the hustle of work, goals and relationships. But this was a the perfect little adventure to remind me how effortlessly magical California can be. My unwavering love affair with the golden state grew more steadfast from this miraculous natural spectacle. 
White lace dresses are synonymous with springtime style. Delicate, whimsical and unquestionably feminine. It was a dream of a day, and this dress allowed me to romanticize it even more. I love the vintage neckline and see-through sleeves. I paired the look with a straw hat by Lack of Color (my favorite hat line). I let the wind blow through my hair, and let the views take over. 

*REMINDER- Be respectful when visiting super blooms or any state or national park. I made sure to only lay or stand in patches without poppies. Or sadly, find places where I could tell a person had already laid on them. Be mindful, be kind and leave nature the same way you saw it. 
TiMo Lace Mini Dress (From Free People), Vintage Levi's Jacket (Similar to here), Lack of Color Boater Hat.

Photos by California based photographer Britt Crowe 


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fashion Test Drive- Champion Sweatshirt.

Thanks to the instagram It girls, and street-style veterans, hoodie sweatshirts are apart of on trend fashion. Say goodbye to feeling sloppy- lazy girl style is in- and its not slowing down. Part 'athleisure' part 90's throwback- finding ways to dress up the hoodie is fresh, edgy and COMFORTABLE. During the colder months layering was big (especially on the East coast). Think leopard print pea coats, and vibrant bomber jackets. For the West Coast, I love wearing my long sleeved hoodie with a mini skirt or pair of shorts to adjust to our rising temps. How do you wear this trend?
I am wearing my Champion 'Boston University' sweatshirt (which I had hardly worn since graduation). I also am wearing my favorite Topshop pencil skirt. I love mixing skirts with more sporty pieces. I live in my white converse high tops, especially on busy days around LA. When trying out the hoodie trend, don't feel like you need to splurge on a high-ticket item. It's a sweatshirt people. Vogue Editor Emma Morrison said it best, “At the end of the day, it is so much cooler to pull off the real deal. Who wants to be precious with something that is inherently supposed to be so casual?” So rock your ten dollar hoodie, and use other pieces to elevate the look to its street style potential. You probably already have one in your closet.  
Boston University Champion Sweatshirt, Topshop Faux Leather Skirt, Converse High-Tops, Levi's Vintage Denim Jacket (Similar to here). 

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 
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