Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fit Tips + Steps to a Little More Self Love

I am stepping away from my usual to share my other side hustle- Personal training. I got into fitness at first for selfish reasons. I wanted to stay fit as an actress and keep a 'skinny physique'. So like, why not make money while doing it? But as I begun to train clients and teach classes, I realized the misconceptions that still trigger women to do harmful things to their bodies (whether it be verbally or physically). It woke me up. I noticed right away behaviors and habits I did, that constantly tore myself down. I also noticed lifting weights made me feel stronger, and not 'bulky' like culture loves to depict.  I became diligent in combatting the body-hate for myself and my clients. My focus became teaching women practical + healthy ways to feel confident and strong in their skin. Of course working out, and eating healthy is a major part of all of this. But I also wanted to debunk the myths surrounding the feminine PERFECT BODY (which becomes ingrained in our heads at such a young age.) Through my journey with my clients + friends I have reaffirmed for myself that my worth has nothing to do with the size of my body. Knowledge is power when it comes to getting healthy + loving yourself. Everyone is different- in body, genetics and goals. But here are some of my tips that helped me feel more confident healthy and balanced. (Health is seriously so trial and error). 
 MOVE YOUR BODY- I constantly have to redefine what "working out" is for me. If I am too sedentary, it crushes my creativity and makes me feel totally lethargic. A big shift was changing the dialogue in my head around fitness. Through parts of college, workingout meant trying to achieve the "perfect version of my body." I would aimlessly go to the gym, go on the elliptical and try to BURN calories. It was vague and unattainable- because it was not truly rooted in bettering myself. It was all about the outer shell. When I have goals that don't fill up my soul, I do fail and cycle back to harsh self criticism. So I got educated, started lifting weights and stopped trying to be perfect. I learned, when I do it for the endorphins, when I move to feel stronger, when I sprint to sweat out my frustrations- the workouts feel GOOD. Later posts I'll share some of my workout guides. But my go-to activities are HIIT Cardio, Heavy lifting, Sprinting, Hiking, and Pilates. 
EATS- Food. I think this is the hardest part for women especially. Everyone is different REMEMBER. At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend (who is also a personal trainer + actor) decided to make a big shift in our eating. We we're going out to dinner all the time, and not thinking about what we were putting in our bodies. January, we started the Whole 30- And for my body this just works. I made it the full month- (No dairy, no gluten, no legumes, no modified vegan desserts, NO alcohol.) Healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle needs to be #1 priority. I work out less (only three times a week), because I eat well. I dropped the little fat that my burpees just couldn't burn. 
Best fitness results do come from a whole diet. It balanced out my hormones, cleared my skin up, gave me energy. I am more positive, and love the way my body feels even more now.
 Best part of this lifestyle switch- I eat as MUCH as I want. Literally eat all day. Because I am fueling my body with food that actually gives my body nutrients and energy. Right now, I am living by the 90-10 ratio. During the week I am healthy, Saturdays I enjoy a brunch out, have some wine, and eat a sweet treat. FIND YOUR BALANCE BABES. 
MENTAL HEALTH- Emotional health is linked with mental health. Tools that have helped me find my ground (when stress, and work and expectations start to build). Meditation and breathing exercises. Listening to music and dancing around my house. Talking to someone I trust, and expressing those feelings. Singing in my car. Journaling right when I wake up, and right before bed. Reading, either novels or self-help inspiration memoirs. Seek professional help. If you take care of the inside, and the outside will fall into place too. 
Feel free to email me any questions- Also if you live in Los Angeles and looking for a trainer I'm always looking to work with new clients. I am so inspired by my clients courage and drive to go for what they want in life. Workout guides coming soon! 
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Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 

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