Sunday, April 9, 2017

Poppy Field Dreams

Super bloom. Its flooded our Instagram feeds, and signaled the end of California's mega drought. 
Replacing dry dusty land, are vibrant wild flowers and lush rolling hills. (Something our state hasn't seen in years). I took a day trip out to Antelope Valley to appreciate this rare moment in nature. Irresistibly dreamy, the poppy reserve was a breath of fresh air away from the city. It is easy to get stuck in Los Angeles, carried away with the hustle of work, goals and relationships. But this was a the perfect little adventure to remind me how effortlessly magical California can be. My unwavering love affair with the golden state grew more steadfast from this miraculous natural spectacle. 
White lace dresses are synonymous with springtime style. Delicate, whimsical and unquestionably feminine. It was a dream of a day, and this dress allowed me to romanticize it even more. I love the vintage neckline and see-through sleeves. I paired the look with a straw hat by Lack of Color (my favorite hat line). I let the wind blow through my hair, and let the views take over. 

*REMINDER- Be respectful when visiting super blooms or any state or national park. I made sure to only lay or stand in patches without poppies. Or sadly, find places where I could tell a person had already laid on them. Be mindful, be kind and leave nature the same way you saw it. 
TiMo Lace Mini Dress (From Free People), Vintage Levi's Jacket (Similar to here), Lack of Color Boater Hat.

Photos by California based photographer Britt Crowe 


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