Full Time Girl Power- Finding My Voice

Happy Wednesday babes. I am getting a little personal today on East West Edge. I think we all have those moments when we are young, that define our voice in the present moment. Incidents when someone told you, you're not pretty enough, or smart enough or brave enough ETC. Toxic stuff, that sadly can prevent us from sharing our most authetnic selves to the world. Girls are STILL taught to be innocent, polite, and perfect. But how are these labels affecting how young women develop? Do we hold our tongues? Do we not veer from the normalized path? Do we not get loud or goofy or sexy? So I am sharing with you a glimpse of my journey to my more authentic voice in this world- 
I remember it strongly-being sixteen. Walking into the college counselors' office at my all-girls-catholic school. I quickly pulled down my plaid uniform skirt "two inches above the knee" so not to get in trouble. My minor alternations to the school's strict dress code was my only form of rebellion. I felt like I knew what I wanted, and was beginning to ditch the shy kid of my past. That girl thrived off timidness, not speaking up and following the rules intensely. Sitting with the counselor, I told her wanted to move to the East Coast and study acting and writing. The counselor? She shook her head and told me I wouldn't make any money. That it was a pointless major AND my grades weren't good enough currently. That was the first time in my life, someone truly tried to extinguish my fire. I cried a lot. I felt wobbly and unsure. I didn't tell my parents until I was much older. But looking back now, that moment defines me. I wasn't going to allow someone else's fear to project onto my life. FULL TIME GIRL POWER comes from that day. I chose to embrace my voice, and go after the bolding colorful ambitions that I saw in my head. My voice is much stronger, because I followed through with my actions. Here I am today, still hustling the things I love. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I think many of us face moments where people try to silence your impulses. It saddens me, to think of the people who don't challenge those outside voices telling them NO. What is a moment in your life, that you fought to live out your most authentic self? 
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That Pink Door

PS, I love you. There is something irresistibly playful about Palm Springs. A desert escape that feels endlessly timeless yet starkly modern. I fall in love with the color blocking homes, and mid-century modern architecture. Nowadays one can't go to PS without stopping at the infamous pink door. Its pop-art IRL. A quick bike ride from the Ace Hotel Swim Club, its an essential pitstop for visitors. This is just one spot on my PS visit list- Stay tuned for more post. 
California girls love their cut-offs for summer. Think post swimming pool days, over a bikini and tan skin. The Jeanie shorts by AG Jeans are kind of my new fav. I love the low rise fit and frayed edges. I also love this flamingo button down. A girly print with a boxy fit. How do you wear your cut-offs?
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Photos by California Photographer Britt Crowe
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Wake Up Call- My Morning Routine.

FACT- Once you get to know me, this remains true about me. I am a MORNING PERSON. My most productive work time is before noon. I rather workout, send my emails and run my errands before lunchtime. So to make my morning routine quick and breezy, I have been embracing jumpsuits. I love stand-alone-pieces, that make getting dressed simple. This jumpsuit from Heartloom, straight up feels like PJs, but obviously appropriate to run around town in. I loved the cropped length to show off my new favorite sneakers. I feel like I am LATE to the adidas trend, but trust me, I haven't taken off since purchasing. 
So what is my morning routine, and how did I become a 'morning person'. I always have loved, waking up before the 'crowds' are out. LA traffic does start early, but even on weekends I will be up before 7am, for walks and errands. I feel refreshed when I don't sleep in. Knock everything out in the AM, then I can take a nap later in the afternoon. I am currently trying to add journaling or mediation before starting my day. I notice my habit of picking my phone up- checking emails, and instagram and Facebook RIGHT off the bat. That's a negative habit, that I am working on. Looking for ways to jumpstart my creativity and be more present IRL (vs social media). My morning skincare starts with Aeshop products (A cleanser and toner). And I then create a natural simple makeup look with BB cream, mascara, brow gel, bronzer and a lip balm. And of course, no morning is complete without coffee. I am drinking Intelligensia in Silverlake today, but I love brewing from home as well. I do eat a hearty breakfast as well. Eggs every morning, to wake up my metabolism and prevent me from snacking before lunch. Think of your breakfast in the ways it fuels you for the day. Yes, some days I am running behind or didn't sleep enough or stressed about EVERYTHING I have to do. But if I slow down, take some time for myself right when I wake up, my day is entirely better. How do you start your day?
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White Hot Summer with AG Jeans

Hello babes, and happy Monday. White hot days are coming our way, Los Angeles. Looking for alternatives from the average summer wardrobe? Because cut off shorts and flip-flops get kind of boring. It's all about easy breezy fashion (and of course a some more skin). I am currently obsessed with this white denim overall dress from AG Jeans. Bronzy skin, air dry hair, and an unwavering need to be outside- That's summertime for me. And this fresh approach to white denim makes me more stoked for my favorite time of the year. 

AG Jeans Kaitlin Overall Dress, Madewell Off the Shoulder Stripe Sweater, Forever 21 Block Heels, Zac Posen Sunglasses, Vintage Basket Bag from Rose Bowl Flea Market, Seoul Little Los Angeles Necklace

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 
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Flirting with Minimalism

Some days it feels good to keep it simple. Black denim, breezy white fabrics and a structured bag. There's something about a pair of jet-black denim that makes me feel undoubtedly cool. I feel polished, but with that punch of edge I am always craving. The weather has been so moody in Los Angeles lately, so why not let that reflect in my style? Feeling this muted color palette for once. 
If you haven't noticed- Ruffles are kind of my thing lately. This Forever 21 off the shoulder top, is giving me major inspiration. I love the color blocking trim of the sleeve, and the playful sleeve. It looks perfect with a killer pair of jeans or a tight pencil skirt. I definitely like to balance out the girly with more rock 'n roll on the bottom. The Phoebe pant by AG Jeans are in high rotation currently in my wardrobe. The straight leg and slightly lose fit totally compliments my body type, and I love how easy they are to dress up and down. 

AG Jeans Phoebe High Waisted Pant, Forever 21 Off the Shoulder Top + Heels, Melie Bianco Brooklyn Backpack

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 

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Hold Up + Slow Down

Happy Monday darlings. I write this to you sick on my couch. We've all been there- feeling absolutely awful while the 'to-do-list' keeps growing. But this lingering cold has got me thinking about my lifestyle, and what is causing me to constantly need these 'crash days'. So I'm going to hone in on one of my habits. I am thinking those habitual behaviors that stop me from being where I want to be. My number one habit- running myself down. It's a familiar feeling- Like slipping into a worn pair of vintage jeans. I feel comfort in the stress and the rushing and the running around. I over commit. I don't sleep enough. And I say YES too often. As a self-employed lady, I don't like to take breaks. Weekends are non-existent. I attempt to squeeze in work at all hours of the day. I am pursuing my passions! Why do I need to slow down? But now, sick (once again) on my couch- I am noticing the looming pattern in my life. Productive for two weeks. Crash for one week. I am not a super human and clearly I need to be honoring my body more. We are obsessed with the appearance of being 'busy'. A jammed packed schedule does give me purpose, but doesn't actually equate to productivity. 
So for this summer, I am looking for EASE. I want to slow down, breathe deep and savor the moments that truly set my imagination off. I will give myself one day to sleep-in with no alarm. Saying no to gigs that don't adequately compensate me. And making my health higher up on my priority list. You gotta take care of yourself babes, because you're all you got. 
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Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 

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