Monday, May 1, 2017

Bring May Flowers

Hello, Monday. Hello, May. Let's bring those flowers. 
There's always a little extra optimism at the beginning of the month. A mini-fresh start. Allowance to catch your breath, slow down, and in check-in with where I'm at. (Which I have talked previously before here). When you're pursuing a creative career- inspiration fatigue can happen. I notice it after a string of rejections. Or if my I am falling a little too in line with the monotony of daily life. Or if I am not fully challenging myself to elevate and evolve my work. So I always take time on the first day of the month, to not only take care of my mental state, but my artist state. The artist mind needs some nurturing in order to bloom. 
 Since graduating a book that I have cherished is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It has illuminated for me the moments that I get in the way of my creativity. She states, "Creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that—merely by being here—you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own.” Trusting and refining my voice as an artists has allowed me to find more joy in the work + process. Verse focusing solely on the end product or over-arching goals. 
So where do I find inspiration when I am in a creative drought? Exploring Los Angeles has always been a source to jump start my imagination. I'll hop in my car, get out of my neighborhood and ditch the cell phone. Keep your eyes up, ignore Instagram, and see what sparks an impulse in you. Whether you're a writer, actor, blogger, or photographer- I think leaving your house and letting your surroundings influence you can unstuck any funk or mood. Find what works for you, and trust any slowness in your artistry will pick up soon. 
Bougainvillea are the unofficial flower of LA. Echo Park by far has some of the best urban blooms. This bush is definitely feeling little extra this spring. We can learn a lot from flowers. Their ability to find the light. Their patience in bud before they blossom. Grow babes, grow. 
Vintage Dress From Reformation, Marais USA Sandals, Crap Eyewear Sunnies.

Photos by California based photographer Britt Crowe 


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