Monday, May 15, 2017

Hold Up + Slow Down

Happy Monday darlings. I write this to you sick on my couch. We've all been there- feeling absolutely awful while the 'to-do-list' keeps growing. But this lingering cold has got me thinking about my lifestyle, and what is causing me to constantly need these 'crash days'. So I'm going to hone in on one of my habits. I am thinking those habitual behaviors that stop me from being where I want to be. My number one habit- running myself down. It's a familiar feeling- Like slipping into a worn pair of vintage jeans. I feel comfort in the stress and the rushing and the running around. I over commit. I don't sleep enough. And I say YES too often. As a self-employed lady, I don't like to take breaks. Weekends are non-existent. I attempt to squeeze in work at all hours of the day. I am pursuing my passions! Why do I need to slow down? But now, sick (once again) on my couch- I am noticing the looming pattern in my life. Productive for two weeks. Crash for one week. I am not a super human and clearly I need to be honoring my body more. We are obsessed with the appearance of being 'busy'. A jammed packed schedule does give me purpose, but doesn't actually equate to productivity. 
So for this summer, I am looking for EASE. I want to slow down, breathe deep and savor the moments that truly set my imagination off. I will give myself one day to sleep-in with no alarm. Saying no to gigs that don't adequately compensate me. And making my health higher up on my priority list. You gotta take care of yourself babes, because you're all you got. 
Between Ten Stella Wrap Top, Vintage Levi's (Similar to here), Ray Bans Sunglasses, Forever 21 Mules, J Crew Hair Clip

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


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