Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wake Up Call- My Morning Routine.

FACT- Once you get to know me, this remains true about me. I am a MORNING PERSON. My most productive work time is before noon. I rather workout, send my emails and run my errands before lunchtime. So to make my morning routine quick and breezy, I have been embracing jumpsuits. I love stand-alone-pieces, that make getting dressed simple. This jumpsuit from Heartloom, straight up feels like PJs, but obviously appropriate to run around town in. I loved the cropped length to show off my new favorite sneakers. I feel like I am LATE to the adidas trend, but trust me, I haven't taken off since purchasing. 
So what is my morning routine, and how did I become a 'morning person'. I always have loved, waking up before the 'crowds' are out. LA traffic does start early, but even on weekends I will be up before 7am, for walks and errands. I feel refreshed when I don't sleep in. Knock everything out in the AM, then I can take a nap later in the afternoon. I am currently trying to add journaling or mediation before starting my day. I notice my habit of picking my phone up- checking emails, and instagram and Facebook RIGHT off the bat. That's a negative habit, that I am working on. Looking for ways to jumpstart my creativity and be more present IRL (vs social media). My morning skincare starts with Aeshop products (A cleanser and toner). And I then create a natural simple makeup look with BB cream, mascara, brow gel, bronzer and a lip balm. And of course, no morning is complete without coffee. I am drinking Intelligensia in Silverlake today, but I love brewing from home as well. I do eat a hearty breakfast as well. Eggs every morning, to wake up my metabolism and prevent me from snacking before lunch. Think of your breakfast in the ways it fuels you for the day. Yes, some days I am running behind or didn't sleep enough or stressed about EVERYTHING I have to do. But if I slow down, take some time for myself right when I wake up, my day is entirely better. How do you start your day?
Heartloom Jumpsuit (Unavailable online- similar here), Ray Ban Sunglasses, Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker (Now 20% off from Nordstrom), Coach Purse (Similar to here). 

Photos by LA Photographer Elaine Torres 


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