Monday, July 31, 2017

Don't Hold Back Babe.

Hi, darlings. Happy Monday from sun soaked Los Angeles. This is my favorite day of the week- The my motivation is revved up, and productivity comes second nature. August is almost upon us as well, which is a chance to slow down and check in. Lately, I have been turning up my awareness. Focusing on the aspects of my life that stall my creativity, and prevent me from diving into my goals with full gusto. And to be honest, the biggest factor? I let others' opinions hold me back. I carefully balance between the life of an introvert + extrovert. Meaning I thrive off others energy, but tend to over think social situations. I get self conscious, and tend to hold back when I first meet people. Currently, my new challenge (especially because I don't work a typical 9-5) is to meet up with one person a day that inspires me. Even if its a coffee date, or a meet up to a workout class. I started this last week, and it helps me get out of my head. I also can work on expressing myself creatively while in the presence of some bad ass babes. 
Going back to people's opinions. I need to remind myself, to throw opinions away about how I want to live my life. When I started to live my lifestyle pursuing acting + fashion (a few people) I greatly cared for, pulled back. Unsupportive loved ones, is not new for a young artist. But its ironic when fellow artists are the ones shutting me down. People FLIP OUT, when you begin to grow, to change, to improv your life. People will want you to stay as the person they know. The same person in THEIR heads. Its familiar, safe and comfortable to THEIR daily life. But like, why the hell would I live my life based off others' expectations? That's where selfishness is NOT a negative attribute. The most inspiring + giving role models in my life, don't give time or thought to any influences resisting their journey. True rebellious leaders, take time for themselves, embrace their most authentic selves, and DO NOT give a shit what anyone thinks of them. And by not wasting their energy on other people's opinions, they are able to give unconditionally and bravely to MORE people. So I want to live my artistic journey like that. A more open heart, a more clever brain, and a more grounded perspective on my authenticity. 
I shot this look with my new Fuji-film X-T2 Mirrorless Camera. I was feeling a little stale with my photography, and playing around with shadows and direct light. I also like adding more grain and texture to my shots. I would highly recommend this camera. It was companion on my trip to Italy. This camera has changeable lens- I got the XF23mmF2 lens. I like the framing on this lens vs the more fashion blogger favorite 35mm. Let me know if you have any questions- especially if you are considering in investing on a camera. 
Privacy Please Dress, Suede & Stone Boater Hat, Steven Madden Block Heels
Azil Boutique Jewelry. 


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