Monday, July 24, 2017

Tuscan Getaway

Lucca, Italy. A place that was so far from home, but had me feeling right at home. I understand why 'running away to Italy' is a trope in novels + film. This charming Tuscan town, welcomed with open arms and had me craving a more simple, but generous lifestyle. I spent two nights here, staying at a quaint apartment rental with my family. (We took a bus to Pisa, so we visited that famous landmark as well). Every morning up, I would open my window shutters and look out to tight city scape of tile rooftops, blooming flowers, and lines of laundry. It is a place to disconnect, to take your time, and let go of the rush of normal life. The preferred way to travel is by bike. We zoomed the tight cobble streets. We road along the wall that surrounds the entirety of the city-with history dating back to the second century b.c. The history is inescapable, and architecture lives between the aesthetics of Roman and Medieval. Climb to the top of Guinigi Tower for the best overlook of the entire valley. This city is about soaking in the sights, observing the locals, and enjoying Tuscan wines. 

Looking back, my most cherished moments were my interactions with locals. The morning times were meant for our passeggiata- our walk before the packs of tourist arrive. We discovered Pasticceria Dolcevita on our first day, and returned whenever we needed a caffeine pick me up. Sam, my dad (Lou) befriended a cafĂ© owner Luigi. It was a family run shop- clearly the lived in the apartments upstairs. We would come in for americanos, freshly squeezed orange juice and sfogliatella. My italian dad would try to make friends with all the workers- enthusiastically ordering, his smile contagious to everyone around. The workers laughed at us just a little, but by the end of the trip, the store owner Luigi (at least I think) secretly enjoyed our morning visits. There was a mutual appreciation and curiosity through the translations of english and italian. 
My style in Lucca was much more casual then Rome. I enjoyed wearing my sneakers (which I purchased in the Trastevere). I wore light makeup, barely did my hair, and liked the ease of my vintage denim levis. My style is always inspired by the landscapes around me. Carefree and simple was all I wanted in my time in Tuscany. Whether I was eating gelato, discovering history piazzas, or laughing hysterically over wine with my family. There is a pleasant modesty about this place- that will stick with the memories of this place. 


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