Friday, July 14, 2017

Super Bloom, Garden Inspired Gimlet

Happy Friday, babes! This week has been a STRUGGLE. I am coming back down after two weeks in Italy. Currently, I am feeling desperately unmotivated to get my work done. So, to liven my (and your) spirits up- The summer cocktail you didn't realize you were missing. 
Has anyone noticed the Southern California 'Super Bloom' is NEVER-ENDING? My neighborhood bougainvillea plants are STILL going strong. And I continue to stumble upon sidewalks lined with flowering trees and scattered petals. My dear friend Layne and I, crafted a cocktail inspired by the bloom of all blooms. Cocktails inspired by the California landscape?- That's my kind of drink. Our Super Bloom, garden inspired gimlet, is perfect drink for the LA woman. Whether you're hosting a rooftop cocktail party, or a fresh boozy brunch- your guest will be SERIOUSLY impressed. 
-edible flowers (available at whole foods)
-organic honey
-locally sourced gin (try local Mulholland Drive Distillery

1) Create custom floral ice cubes. Place edible flowers neatly in ice tray, fill with water and place in the freezer overnight. 
2) The following day make homemade green juice. Press cucumber, celery, lemon, and kale. Refrigerate immediately. It's important to juice within two hours of serving. The juice loses its freshness and its nutritional values over time. (But not sure if that matters for our cocktails hah.) Lazy babe version- buy juice from a local company you know you like.
3) Add some sweetness with custom simple syrup. Equal parts water and organic honey. Heat in a saucepan until honey dissolves and melts into the water. 
4) Pour into cocktail shaker. 1/4 cup juice, 1/3 cup gin, lime juice (about one wedge) and simple syrup. Mix it up, and pour into glass with strainer. 
5) Sip + enjoy your Super Bloom Gimlet!  
Styling + Art Direction by Layne Kula
Photos by LA Based Nicole Marie Photography


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