Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bringing the Optimism for Fall

I do have to say, I tend to get sentimental at the end of the summer. The feeling comes naturally- just like when I was kid preparing to go back to school. By August, I had to check the hem of my uniform skirt to see how much I had grown since the last year school year. (Then, of course, adjust the hem to an 'appropriate' length. Eye-roll). I might not be tracking my growth in inches anymore but I feel a shift from only a few months ago. I reflect back on all my adventures this summer, and there is a new confidence and unpredictable curiosity to keep learning and seeing the world. I am optimistic. I am driven. And believing big things are coming my way. It's pointless to go through life, without letting it surprise me. So I am taking some risks, and putting a little faith in the goals I fight for daily. 
Also tomorrow, I am traveling to New Orleans. I am a little nervous to head to the South, due to Hurricane Harvey. Here is a link for how to donate to the local organizations that help communities and victims directly. Even from far away, there's always a way to give. 
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