Thursday, August 3, 2017

Desert X- Mirage House

A few months back, I trekked out to the desert with my divinely talented photographer friend, Britt Crowe. As the sun slowly descended, we drove away from the quaint city. We headed towards the jagged and dusty brown mountains surrounding the valley. Stationed at the base of the hillside is Doug Atiken's art installation Desert X / Mirage House. A one story suburban home with each surface clad in mirrors. Pulling in the surrounding landscapes, it reflects back out, seamlessly disappearing at times into the desert scene. It was made famous by Coachella, and Instagram. But the context of this piece is what drives my inspiration. 
I've always been a girl who balances between adoring the city, and wishing to far away in nature. (That is why I ultimately chose Los Angeles as my home). I feel this push and pull often. It comes in flashes- a craving to load up my car, grab my pup and drive across the country. But then I think of my work, and the grind, and flow of people- and that pulls me into my urban lifestyle. This art installation, feels like that relationship to me. The act of disappearing into nature, while somehow maintaining the city life, I am consistently drawn to. 
 My favorite playwright Sam Shepard passed away this week, but I found this quote stirring thoughts- "I always thought the desert was the antithesis of peace- something that attacks you. So you don't go to the desert for peace." The desert is thought provoking. It brings sweat and lack of comfort. Its dusty and baking and burns your skin with its touch. It's not an escape where you detach from yourself, it allows you to explore deeper into your mind + heart. As the fall approaches, I hope to rent a cabin Joshua Tree, or drive out to the Grand Canyon or Santa Fe. When the season turns, I am craving a desert adventure unlike anything I have done before. 
Dress by Forever 21 (sold out in black), Steve Madden Hat, Seoul Necklace, Who What Wear Boater Hat. 

Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe
Sponsored by Forever 21

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