Monday, August 14, 2017

End of Summer Fling

Happy Monday, babes. Who else is feeling the end of summer vibes? My birthday is next week, and it always marks a fresh start for me. I use to hate my birthday as a kid- lined up perfectly with the beginning of the school year. I still do not like celebrating, but now as an adult, I love how my day lines up with the change of the seasons. It is a time of reflection, and a shift naturally can happen. I know my life is about to feel a little non-stop soon. I am traveling to Napa, San Francisco, New Orleans and New York City all in four weeks. It will be a whirl wind, but I am excited that 26 is starting with a bang. Looking forward to the grind of airports, boarding passes and plenty of black coffee. (I know, most people hate that part of traveling. I am crazy, right?) 
Before my adventures arrive, I am soaking in the final moments of LA summer. It is my favorite time in the city, and I find any excuse to be outside. My fashion fling for August has been red gingham.  I have shared my love for black gingham this summer (here, and here). I love this off the should top by Soprano. I tied the top in a knot, for a more undone look. This print, of course, embodies vintage trends of the past. I just updated the look with a structure mini skirt, and a trendy bracelet bag. This look is feminine, sexy and flattering with a healthy tan. I am also loving my new short hair. It is SO easy to style. I wish I would have chopped my hair sooner. Contemplating cutting shorter- what do you guys think? 

So cheers to the end of summertime. The past three months, I have gained some momentum towards my most passionate/daunting goals. I took time to discover some confidence (which I secretly think was there the whole time). I always encourage you all, to slow down, and appreciate how far you've come. Journal, meditate, take a long hike- feel out what has changed or shifted in you. Lastly, I am most grateful for all the travels and people that defined my summer. 

Soprano Red Gingham Top from Posh Square, Topshop Skirt (Similar to here), Steven Madden Block Heels, Closet Access Bracelet Bag, Azil Boutique Necklaces, Ray Ban Sunglasses


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