Monday, August 21, 2017

Scrappy + Sun-kissed

 I hit the ground running, this Monday. Because this girl is prepping for her first New York Fashion Week. (While trying to maintain work, my acting career, and a clean house). I am a little bit of an underdog when it comes to the fashion scene. I lack connections or clout or a MASSIVE following or tons of money to drop on designers clothes. But to me, the more excuses you make- the farther things pull away from you. My dad instilled a scrappiness in me, that kicks in the second I want something (that might be a little out of reach). I have always been drawn to the under-dogs (the hardworking, under appreciated, and determined). I am a person who fully embraces the philosophy of 'learning as you go'. So instead of allowing one of my goals to overwhelm me, I focus my energy in the things I can be proactive about. (And trust me, NYFW has been a dream of mine since I was teenager. My walls were plastered with editorial shoots from the pages of Teen Vogue. I once wanted to be an art director/fashion photographer). So through the whirl wind of emails, questions, planning and prep, there is something so satisfying about hard work. I want to remind myself to embrace ALL the processes in my life- because the journey is what will bring me happiness in the long run- not the end point. Because truly- is there ever an end with your goals?
My style this week has all about comfort. I love this top by Suede & Stone. I can lounge around my house in silk pants, or dress it up for a late afternoon cocktail. Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm fully obsessed with summertime denim. This pair from Old Navy is the perfect boyfriend fit. They are baggy in all the right places, and I love the light faded wash. Stringed rose gold necklaces are my non-stop go to. I think this weekend I am going to re-pierce my ears so I can add some earrings into my routine. (I haven't had them pierced since I was 20!) My birthday is on Wednesday, and I have a feeling, my style will be laid back vs. dolled up. 
Suede & Stone Crop Top, Old Navy Denim, Steven Madden Block Heels, Azil Boutique Necklaces


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