Monday, August 21, 2017

Sweet and Simple Lilac Look

Keeping it short and simple with this post. Because this look came together so easily. Some days, an outfit just comes together. The shoes match the top, the jeans never go out of style, and the perfect backdrop is only a few minutes away from home. Sometimes, blogging can feel like this mad dash- trying to stay current, trying to build out content quickly (but with quality). But then some days, it all just works. And that feels really good. 
A few months ago, my beloved Rose Bowl Flea Market basket bag was stolen from my car. I was devastated, because it was a one of a kind piece. So I started my search again, and found this vintage straw bag off Etsy. I adore the bamboo handles, and the delicate yellow beading on the front. The shape is classic and reminds me of the structure of a Chanel flap bag. It is my end of summer gift to myself- while the basket trend is still HOT. 
  Blouse by Kristinit, Levi Wedgie Icon Foothill Jeans, Marais Sandals, Vintage Basket Bag (from Etsy). 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo


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