Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Whimsical Escapes in the Village

 Hello, lovelies. Lately, I have caught myself day dreaming. Romanticizing (per usual) of my days in New York City. There is something magical about getting lost in that city, unlike anywhere else in the world. When I live there, I was often alone. So I find myself crave solo time, whenever I am visiting. I adore exploring at my own pace, not minding about my phone or the time. The standard of the grid system will pretend me from truly getting lost. It all starts with me, changing my course. Taking a street I haven't walked down before- discovering ivy covered brownstones, or an untouched vintage car. One day, I walked from the Flat Iron District all the way to the West Village. I knew, I need to head south, but didn't mind the path I took. The West Village itself, has a quaint feeling that is rare in Manhattan. There isn't hordes of traffic or tourist. There are ways to escape here. A moment to catch my breath. A street that feels far away from the chaos of yellow taxi cabs, stomping stilettos and swinging brief cases. There is magic in being alone sometimes. Self reflection and curiosity drive me whenever I am back in NYC. What places in the world do you love to get lost in?
I love this wrap dress from Kristinit. The velvet fabric is luscious. There is an ease of elegance with this look- This dress doesn't have to try hard, and one can tell. As it moves closer to Fall, I love golden + rusty tones. The fabric has this luxe shine to it from the rich velvet material. I paired this look with (once again) my favorite boots for fall. I always love adding an edge to a more typically feminine look. This vintage purse, I bought in New Orleans, and it is now my go-to bag. This look is perfect for seeing a play, a romantic date night or a glass of champagne with a friends. 
Kristinit Violaine Dress, Zara Chunky Platforms (Similar to here), 1950's Handbag from New Orleans (Vintage option here, Modern option here.)
Photos by New York based Laurel Creative 


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Punky Punch on the Lower West Side.

Hey there, babes. Happy Wednesday, and as always, reporting from Los Angeles. Here's just the first of my flashbacks from my whirlwind trip to New York City. I promise, I will share a run down of my first Fashion Week. But for now, let's talk some trends I am stoked about for the upcoming season.

One of staples when fall arrives are a solid pair of chunky black boots. Each year they have transformed- from a tomboy combat boots, a simplistic chelsea boot, and this year a chunky 60's inspired platform. I scored this boot at Zara (which always has surprisingly high quality shoes). When in NYC (and fashion week) it is essential to have a comfortable shoe. I walked 10+ miles each day, and these shoes made that possible. My other accessory of the moment is this 'captain hat' from H&M. I adore the vintage attitude it adds to any look. It's a little punky, and I love pairing it with a look that is ULTRA feminine. 

This For Love & Lemons dress is the perfect transition for fall. I loved the moody colors, and butterfly lacelace appliqu├ęs. I added a mock turtleneck for the cooler evening temperatures. I always like to find juxtaposition in my style. This look has its girly and frilly textures. But it still has some type of edge- a bulky shoe, and dark color palette. I love to see how NYC influences my ideas around styling. Especially on the lower west side, my style gets a little more rock 'n roll and little funky. I spent a few evenings in this part of the city with friends. Drinking pints of beers, listening to jazz music at The Fat Cat, staying out way past a reasonable hour, waving cabs in the crisp night air back uptown. I am a little more rebellious on the east coast. And this energy, definitely, transcends into my style. 
For Love & Lemons Botanic Strapless Dress (From Polka Dots & Moonbeams LA), Brandy Melville Turtleneck (Similar to here), H&M Captain Hat, Zara Chunky Platform (similar to here).
Photos by New York based Laurel Creative


Monday, September 18, 2017

New Orleans Travel Guide

A few weeks ago, I traveled to the Louisiana for my first time! I met a small group of friends in New Orleans, and had a whirlwind weekend in this historic city.
STAY- We booked an Air Bnb in the Garden District, which is outside the touristy and crowded areas of the city. We rented an old french inspired apartment with tall ceilings, fire places, and dramatic crown modeling. We stayed on the famous Magazine street, which is lined with charming stores and always open bars. The Garden District is one of the best preserved neighborhoods when it comes to architecture. Think, Victorian style mansions, opulent columns, rows of crepe myrtle tree and palms. Gothic, French and Greek Renaissance are all influences. Wander this neighborhood and take in these historic buildings. 
EAT & DRINK- I will be honest, the best part of NOLA is eating and drinking. So here's a list of restaurants and bars that I wouldn't miss out.
 Sylvain - Bougie brunch, with French comfort food classics. Order the 'fries and champagne' you won't regret it. I also adored the rustic interiors, and farm tables of this spot. 
Bacchanal Wines- You cannot go to NOLA without making the stop here. This was my favorite meal, and experience of the entire trip. Far away from tourist make a trek (and stand in line) for this spot. Enter a moody wine shop, with a large stock of local selections of drink + cheese. Walk out to their outdoor space, with eclectic tables, string lights and funky jazz music. Order food tapas style, and enjoy your night under the stars. 
Cafe Du Monde- Beignets. Everyone flocks for the beignets. Worth the little wait. Scoop up a table when you need a break and inhale this powder sugar treat. 
Surrey's- This was a local dive breakfast place. Lots of spice and creole influence. We waited forty-five minutes for a table. But it was worth it for the greasy hangover food. 
Imperial Woodpeckers Sno-Balls- I accidentally stumbled upon this place during a walk. 'Sno-Balls' are big in this city. I loved this stand for its syrups that were made in house. Try the grapefruit basil flavor. 
D.BA. Club- This was my favorite bar + music club during our visit. Located in the more authentic neighborhood of Faubourg Marigny. Best live music, and kept me dancing for an hour straight.    
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar- Ok, Bourbon Street really wasn't my vibe- BUT Lafitte's is a must for your visit. Order a grenade purple slushie drink made from grain alcohol. It is the oldest bar in the city, and attracts such a diverse crowd of people. 
Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone- A tourist spot, in the French Quarter but is rich in history. The hotel itself was established in the late 1800's. When you need to escape the messy fun of Bourbon Street, find a spot at the carousel bar, and enjoy a glass of wine. 
DO- Like I said, New Orleans is all about the eating, drinking and partying. BUT- here are some other things to do while in town.
Antique Shopping- Vintage shopping in Los Angeles can be expensive. When in NOLA take advantage of the antique stores. I scored a 1940's black snakeskin purse for $30, verse scouting for a more expensive version at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Check out the Magazine Street Antique Mall. 
St. Charles Streetcar- I grew up in the Bay Area, so I had witness the tourist trap of the San Francisco cable cars. The St. Charles Streetcar was very different, by the fact, that locals use it as a form of transportation. Enjoy the ride into the city (much cheaper than an Uber). I loved people watching, and seeing the mix of who was taking the car. 
Football- So, I didn't do this while in visiting but football is a big deal here. College football especially was huge- LSU purple painted the city. Catch a game, or at least understand that this is a big part of Southern culture. 
Southern Decadence- I cannot leave out that a part of my experience was Southern Decadence. It is a LGBTIA community event, which takes over the entire city during Labor Day Weekend. It was rad, witnessing so many people embrace their most authentic versions of themselves. From young to old, people were celebrating non-stop, and I loved meeting people individually and hearing what brought them to NOLA for this celebration. 

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