Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Whimsical Escapes in the Village

 Hello, lovelies. Lately, I have caught myself day dreaming. Romanticizing (per usual) of my days in New York City. There is something magical about getting lost in that city, unlike anywhere else in the world. When I live there, I was often alone. So I find myself crave solo time, whenever I am visiting. I adore exploring at my own pace, not minding about my phone or the time. The standard of the grid system will pretend me from truly getting lost. It all starts with me, changing my course. Taking a street I haven't walked down before- discovering ivy covered brownstones, or an untouched vintage car. One day, I walked from the Flat Iron District all the way to the West Village. I knew, I need to head south, but didn't mind the path I took. The West Village itself, has a quaint feeling that is rare in Manhattan. There isn't hordes of traffic or tourist. There are ways to escape here. A moment to catch my breath. A street that feels far away from the chaos of yellow taxi cabs, stomping stilettos and swinging brief cases. There is magic in being alone sometimes. Self reflection and curiosity drive me whenever I am back in NYC. What places in the world do you love to get lost in?
I love this wrap dress from Kristinit. The velvet fabric is luscious. There is an ease of elegance with this look- This dress doesn't have to try hard, and one can tell. As it moves closer to Fall, I love golden + rusty tones. The fabric has this luxe shine to it from the rich velvet material. I paired this look with (once again) my favorite boots for fall. I always love adding an edge to a more typically feminine look. This vintage purse, I bought in New Orleans, and it is now my go-to bag. This look is perfect for seeing a play, a romantic date night or a glass of champagne with a friends. 
Kristinit Violaine Dress, Zara Chunky Platforms (Similar to here), 1950's Handbag from New Orleans (Vintage option here, Modern option here.)
Photos by New York based Laurel Creative 


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