Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Go-To Accessories for Summer '18.

Not only does my wardrobe shift during the summer months, but also the accessories I pull most. Accessories give me the opportunity to experiment. These pieces embody my creativity, more than my clothes do somedays. From my sunglasses to shoes, I am sharing my go-to accessories for summer '18.
Slides. Easy shoes are a must for summer. I have been digging the simplicity of slides (verse a block heel, and buckle.) Especially when traveling, a comfortable and versatile shoe is a staple in your suitcase. I adore the Atlantic Slides by Restricted Shoes. No matter if you're headed to a tropical beach, or ancient city, these shoes will go with every adventure (and look) you have planned. 
 The transparent purse. Nothing is hidden with this trendy accessories. Currently, this is the bag all over instagram-land. I first spotted this piece on Shop Girl LA, but it kept selling out before I could buy it. I wasn't sure of this bag's practically (which is my number one with purses). I eventually found a different version on Etsy, and took the plunge. I am pleasantly surprised, I have been wearing this purse non-stop since it came in the mail. It feels fresh and playful- but also classic with the turquoise shell handle. My bag also can with a little coin bag to hide away the things you might not want everyone to see (credit cards guys-).
Cat-Eye Sunglasses. Ok, this accessory isn't new to me. I am a sucker for all vintage inspired frames.  *French girls. 1950's. Feminine. Lolita. Coca Cola Commercial. Classic California* All words that come to mind/feel why I choose this frame. Cat-eye sunglasses are flirty, and mysterious, and always bring joy to any look. I love the Le Specs x Adam Selman Last Lolita Sunnies. But, I know many of us are on a budget, so try out this black pair from Amazon. 
Vintage Jewelry. When selecting jewelry, I keep classic + always pick gold. Due to my fussy pierced ears (they close up all the time), I am sticking to clip on earrings. Most antique stores have a selects of clips on from 50's + 60's that embody modern, romantic style. I also found these cute bamboo style hoops off Amazon, and instantly make me feel European + elegant. My mother also just gifted me some family heirloom necklaces. A cross from my great grandma Stella, and a gold choker my dad gave her. I love being able to wear a part of my family history everyday. 
English Factory Gingham Set via Objectrare, Restricted Shoe Atlantic Slides, Clear Purse via Etsy, Cat Eye Sunglasses + Clip on Earrings via Amazon. 
Use the discount code for 25% off your order at Restricted Shoes: KZAHORAK25


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bank the Moment. Falling in Love with the Details.

'Bank the moment'. My boyfriend says that to me often. It's a sweet sentiment, a remind to be more present. Lately, I have been soaking in the details and nuances of my everyday. The sound of distance traffic driving down Sunset Boulevard. The color of the purple petals that are crushed on the sidewalk. The smooth velvet touch of my dogs ears. I am paying attention- with wide eyed curiosity because the moment is always fleeting. And in years to come, I will have wished I would have worried less in my 20's and enjoyed the journey. 
It's important to find the little slices of beauty in daily life. My everyday grind is a blur some days. Moment to moment, rushing by. Not enough emails. Pages of texts. Not enough time. I get lost in the 'what's next' vs. 'what's here, now.' When I need to catch my breath, I walk the lake. Swaying palms, sunshine rays, people watching. It is my oasis to settle my brain and fall in love with the present. 
That's where Europeans get it right. It might be their secret. Their is an appreciation for gardens and parks, all of which are safely tucked away between rapid city life. When I lived in London, I lived ten minutes away from Hyde Park. The rolling lawns, and tree lined paves felt like this grand escape from the frantic energy of South Kensington. I think American fall in love with the idea of being busy. It gives us false perception of purpose, and keep our anxieties high. Slow down for a moment. Notice the details. And take a walk somewhere that sets your imagination off. 

And Other Stories Lace Up Dress, Huma Blanco Slides (also in brown here), Vintage Button Down, Suede Stone Straw Hat, Virgo Downtown Straw Bag, and Amazon Cat Eye Sunglasses

Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

West Side Story

We finally got a taste of summer in Los Angeles. When the temps rise, it gives me an excuse to leave my east side home. The commute on the 10 doesn't seem as daunting when the sun is out. (And no one can deny the mood-boosting power of singing in the car with the windows down.) When I first moved to LA, I went to the beach as often as I could. The frigid east coast days still hung on my skin. The hot sand and waves, welcomed me back to my California roots. Now three years later, I barely find myself on the west side (unless for an audition or a meeting). To be honest, it feels like a chore to go to the beach, verse the escape it once was for me. 
Lately, my mind has been preoccupied with far away places, and destinations. It's ok to day dream, but I need to take time to fall in love with my city again. I am a person who doesn't like to stay in a place too long. I am hitting my five year mark with LA, and feeling the urge to pack up and go. My pact for the summer is to explore more. Find hidden areas out of my usual neighborhoods spots. Runaway to Venice or Malibu for the day, not worrying about the traffic. It is a simple change, but in LA, it is easy to get stuck in your little corners of the city. What are your favorite spots on the west side to try? 
INC Off the Shoulder Top, Levis Denim Skirt, Steve Madden Heels, Ray Ban Sunglasses, OPI Nail Polish, Clip on Earrings from Etsy (Similar to Here). 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Combating the Clouds // Taking Care of my Inner Self

I have to be honest. I have been feeling off the last few weeks. I blame it on 1) The absolutely dreary weather that's taken over Los Angeles 2) I was faced with a stream of 'no's that surprisingly hurt more than I realized. I like to appear strong, and inspired and constantly busy to the outside world. But lately, my inner voice has been loud with doubts. There's this constant pressure, but not much action on my end.  I find myself on my phone too much, aimlessly scrolling. Instead of picking up my journal, or diving deep into a character for a scene. I once had a professor say 'awareness is the key to change'- and this post is a little something like that. 
One reason why I love fashion so much because clothing has the ability to alter my state. Transport me to far away places. Reveal the confidence in me that I sometimes like to bury. So, this afternoon when the clouds parted, I threw on a dreamy dress and took a walk with my boyfriend. Fresh air can do wonders for the racing mind. I am realizing I need to make an excuse to get dressed up (even on days where I only have to work from home). I have said that in the past, but more and more I am noticing how my mood changes when I put a little effort and creativity into my daily look. 
I hope this post resonates with you. We all have had those weeks where you feel rejected and stuck. But that's why I like to share these moments too. Not just talk about clothing. My blog is my creative diary. And I know vulnerability only leads to good things in life. So, even when the journey kicks you in the stomach. Stand up, take a deep breath, and grab the coolest sunglasses you can find. Because you're bad ass, babe x
Who What Wear Collection Gingham Dress, Steve Madden Block Heels, Mejuri Necklace, Ray Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses, Vintage Clip On Earrings (similar to here). 

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