Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fall Edit: My Go-To Side Pieces

Like clock work, always around this time of year, a apart of me longs for the east coast. There was nothing like a New England fall. I miss the crunch of rust colored leaves, and crisp October nights walking Newbury Street. Army jacket, and thick scarf always in tow. I like to pretend, I can will the shift of seasons in LA through my style choices. But we all know, a turtleneck in the middle of the day will leave you dripping from that constant California sunshine. 
One way, my style embraces the new season? Accessories. Goodbye strappy sandals, and basket bags, and breezy straw hats. I find myself reaching for structured purses, preppy heels, and a retro pair of sunnies (ok that didn't change from the summer). This Sophie Hulme purse was an instant favorite for me. I don't know why, but a faux fur bag always elevates a classic look. It is the ultra-chic finishing touch to a simple fall outfit. My Huma Blanco pumps will be in high rotation in my wardrobe. I love the shape of the heel, and toe of this shoe adding major length to my already long legs. Planning to pair these shoes with vintage levis, moody floral dresses and the velvet Silver Jeans co. pants seen photographed. 
So even though my mind might travel to far off places off (cough, Paris, New York City, Boston) I can still bring autumn to Los Angeles. Where in the world do you live? How does your style change for the cooler season? Comment below x
Silver Jeans Co. Black Velvet Pants, Huma Blanco Block Heels, Vintage Blouse from Melrose Trading Post (New version by Topshop), Sophie Hulme Teddy Purse (Unavailable online but style in other colors here), Who What Wear x Tacori Bracelet (Available soon!). 


Monday, September 24, 2018

Rebellious For the Right Reasons

Since my birthday, I have been examining the way I live out my everyday. Questioning tactic, and thought processes that might be hindering me. Patterns, and habits that aren't serving those lofty ambitious that vividly appear in my imagination. There is a nerve in me, deep down, that knows I am meant to be creative. No matter the context.
I’ve noticed an urge to be more rebellious. To break the rules that are meant to be broken. Cut the narrative that doesn't feel accurate to who I am now, or who I want to be. I still have the days of self consciousness. Stressed that forging my own path won’t pay off. But there’s nothing more thrilling than taking a step forward without knowing the outcome. A bold face risk. And even in the wild mess of it all, I find myself more and more. I want year twenty-seven to be full of bravery. Breaking the rules isn't about being bad. I want to be a positive deviant. A person who promotes authenticity + is aware of the world around myself. 
Nasty Gal Polka Dot Dress, & Other Stories Sandals, Missoma Horn Necklace, Vintage clip on earrings, purse, scarf from Paris. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

Fashion Test Drive: Dad Sneakers

Kind of ugly, kind of cool. The dad sneaker is everywhere. This trend is dominating the fashion scene from street style to fashion week. The resurgence of chunky kicks has been going on for awhile. Though I resisted at first, I finally caved for the 'it' shoe. (And yes my own dad Big Lou rocks thick sneakers and tall socks most days.)
The times are shifting. Women want their style choices to easily fit their lifestyles. I think we can all agree, sky high stilettos don't cut it for the on-the-go girl. Designers are paying attention to what women not only what, but what they need from their wardrobe. I feel like popular trends now are influenced by practicality, and how we turn the 'norm' on its head. Adding these sneakers to my look unexplainably made me feel cooler. Normally, I would gravitate towards classics on my feet: block heels, mules, delicate flats. I paired my sneakers with this slick Nasty Gal blazer dress. I love how this look can go day to night easily. The next time I'm on the dance floor expect me in these sneakers. 
 I love looks that are influenced from a past era. This look feels half 80's super model, half 90's working mom. The shoulder pads definitely take it there. I put my hair in a tight bun, to add more of an edgy feel. I felt pretty bad ass in this look. (And got plenty of stares.) So yes, I am sold on dad sneakers. I plan to wear these with jeans, floral dresses, sleek turtlenecks and maxi silk skirts. 
I tried my hardest to fight off this trend but it was just too good to skip. Have you tried the this trend? What should be my next Fashion Test Drive? Comment below.
Nasty Gal Chunky Sneakers + Blazer Dress, A.Cloud Purse, Vintage Hoop Earrings.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Golden Days: My Jewelry Collection

What can I say? I adore gold jewelry. My collection has grown immensely over the past few months. I feel very attached to my golden jewelry. Silver just never felt right on me. My jewelry reminds me of my Italian grandmother. She donned her medallion and cross necklaces every single day. A symbol of faith, but also representation of her classic elegance. From vintage treasures, instagram IT-brands, to family heirlooms- here's my little collection. (Which I know will continue to grow over time). 
My secret weapon: Etsy, and Ebay is my one stop shop for vintage clip on earrings. (I have tried to have my ears pierced many times, but they always close up.) The bigger the better, when it comes to this item of jewelry. I am saving up for a Chanel clip on set. My current favorite pair: Rounded braided circles with big pearls in the center. I dig the big flashy 80's sensibility to this accessory. 
Brands to know: My number one favorite jewelry line, Missoma London. Especially their collection with the always inspiring Lucy Williams. The collection was inspired by Roman coins, and there is an antique influence to all the pieces. I love layering these pieces especially the tiny medallion choker. The quality of the jewelry feels amazing to wear as well. By far worth the investment! I wear the large horn necklace, the beaded coin necklace, the beaded coin legion necklace, and the beaded coin ring. 
Honorable mentions: Emueroe (local LA designer. Gorgeous unique + affordable pieces). The 2 Bandits (Edgy, boho style jewelry. I love their chokers, and even some of their silver pieces.) Shashi (Brand that is always caught up on the trends, at budget friendly prices.)
Family Heirlooms: Recently, my mother passed down some gold family heirloom pieces. She gave me a tiny gold choker that my father gave to her. I was raised Catholic, so I was also passed down a cross from my Great Grandmother Stella on my mother's side, and a cross from my Italian grandmother from my father's side. These pieces are the most special to me. I stopped wearing them everyday, so that they remain in good condition. 
What is in your jewelry collection? Pro tip: When I travel, I carry my jewelry in a macaron box. It is tiny, and can fit in my carry on backpack (just incase my luggage gets lost). My necklaces never get tangled, and it also can store my watches + rings + earrings as well. 

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