Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Manifest the Shit Outta Life // How I Hustle a Creative Career

Cheers to 2018! I have always loved the beginning of the new year (it's the virgo in me, people). At the end 2017, I took a little hiatus from East West Edge. I got off my laptop, and focused on my acting career. And yes! I saw major changes and payoffs. But it also helped me refine how I pursue my creative and constantly unstable lifestyle (jobs, finances, "success", lack of validation). As I move into the new year, I want East West Edge to be a platform not just for sharing my style musings (which I promise there won't be a lack of). But also a space for young creatives to feel supported- by sharing my trials, and tribulations and absolute 'fall on your face' failures. A space to feel unabashedly myself, and you to feel the same. So thanks for always reading along, because through your laptop or iPhone screen, I will always be rooting for you too! x KTZ 
 MANIFESTATION. Babes, this is the game changer. What you focus on most, will become your reality GUARANTEED. So why not dare to expect what other's believe to be impossible outta life? Wake up every morning, and instead of checking your phone, journal. Meditate. Take time each day to honor what your deepest self wants. I am a big fan of vision boards. A little faith and some badass thoughts life doesn't have to feel so daunting. 
 FIND STRUCTURE. If you're hustling the freelance, actress, blogger, writer, creative etc. lifestyle every day won't look the same for you. Some people find freedom in the random pockets of open time. I am a scheduler, and this is my biggest struggle. Not letting a cancellation or a sudden shift in appointments to throw off my day. This year, I am creating more structure by blocking out exact times for things I CAN CONTROL each day. My workout schedule will be consistent each week. I will try to wake up and go to bed around the same times. Creating these boundaries give me a safety net, so when the rest of my day goes wildly different I am not frazzled/ not feel like I didn't accomplish anything. 
GATHER YOUR PACK. This might sound a little harsh, but the end of 2017 was about editing the people I surround myself with. Find people who champion you. Who share your passions, and cheer you on. It's funny- the second you ditch negative individuals and put your feelers out there for badass compassionate people, they'll show up. Making friends in LA has been like dating for me. Know your value, and the right friendships will arrive. Instagram, acting classes, and mutual collaborators have turned into solid relationships. I have taken more artist risks, and grown in my acting career because of the people in my life. When I am feeling stuck now, I collaborate. Working with others will remind you that any low is just temporary.
SELF LOVE ISN'T BULLSHIT + ALOT OF WORK. I feel like there are so many articles out there about 'self love' + 'self care'. What I have learned? The 'inside' work is a full-time job. It comes in waves, feeling confident and talented and beautiful. But with time, and experience the low days don't fall into extremes. There is genuine value in my point of view. That the more I push authenticity and truth in my life (whether it be in my writing, style, and attitude), happiness arrives and self doubt steps out of the way. I don't have to abandon my beliefs or kiss someone's ass to get ahead in life. People are drawn to individuals who live their life to pleasure themselves (and not in a overly selfish or egocentric way). So wash your face, eat colorful foods, speak your mind, move your body, and wear clothes that make you feel like a total badass. 
Comment below with one of your creative goals for 2018! I love hearing what my readers are working on. Keep crushing it and as my idol Katharine Hepburn said- "Do not allow anyone to dictate how you feel about life, about work about people." Meaning its your life, so you write your own story. So might as well make it as wild and messy and adventurous as possible x 
 Vintage 70's blouse from Wisconsin antique store, Reformation Fawcett Jeans, Anine Bing Bralette, The Daily Edited bucket bag, Zara Boots, Mejuri Necklaces, Ray Ban Sunglasses.
Photos by Los Angeles Based Photographer Claire Huntsberger 

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