Monday, January 15, 2018

Who Wears the Pants Now?- Being a Millennial Woman

I think every generation must think, they are changing the world. That being said, I don't hesitate to say, that Millennials have rattled many norms established by past generations. I find it humorous that we are criticized for being lazy, and selfish. We are a scrappy group, who has had to hustle the 'gig economy'. Our careers don't neatly fit into a title or box. (Because we all have MANY skills sets, and can type a mile a minute.) We are judged by way we spend our money, the way we use technology, and the way we interact with our world politically. I am proud to be a young women during this time and generation. We have helped pushed crucial conversations to center stage (gender roles, pay disparity, health care, sexual harassment + assault, violence against POC + LGBTQ). 
I think my style reflects the woman I pursue to be in this world. My sense of style has been all about ease. My Nike Cortez are my current every day shoe (if you look through the history of East West Edge, you'll see I have 'moments' for EVERY type of sneaker). I love the throwback vibe, and the total comfort. These high waisted houndstooth pants have been a must for me, as I streamline my closet. I love pairing with a basic white tee for day, and then a black turtleneck and heels for night. I love feeling like I 'don't have to try hard' to feel professional and confident. Confidence is inside work, the clothes just help bring it out. 
 FACT: "Millennial women not only are more educated than previous generations or women were, but also outpacing men in education attainment."- Forbes. 
H&M Houndstooth Pant, Michael Stars White Tee, Nike Cortez Sneakers, Mejuri Constellation Necklace, Zac by Zac Posen Sunglasses.
Photos by Julia Boyd



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