Monday, February 26, 2018

Foolproof Style Formula- Matching Sets

When I find a style formula that works, I run with it. A foolproof outfit combination, that always works for me? Matching sets. As Los Angeles (slowly) heads to spring, I am scouting for more two pieces to add to my wardrobe. A matching set, is undeniably playful and elevates everyday silhouettes to something cool + unexpected. Add a crop top in the mix, and I am 'signed, sealed delivered.'

I adore this set corset top + pant set from Wayf. This look feels very vintage inspired- 'Summer of the 60's'. (I currently can't stop listening to pop music from that decade, so the influence is probably bleeding into my style choices.) The print is cheeky, the corset top adds a dose of femininity. The sleeves add a volume that feels really different, and unexpected. I styled this look with my Tevas to juxtapose girly undertones of this look. I love the stark white of the sandal, to break up the double vision of the top and bottom. 

It is no secret, I am a creature of warm weather. I feel most creative + inspired when the sun is beaming down, my skin is tan, and I don't need to remember to pack a jacket. I have a feeling matching sets will be my go-to for special occasion during the spring + summer. I like polished it feels without having to try so hard. I linked some of my favorites below. Will you test drive this trend? Comment below x 
Wayf corset top + pant, White Teva Sandals, Mejuri Necklace
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo

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