Monday, March 26, 2018

Creative Integrity. Staying True in the Digital Age.

 Creative Integrity. A topic that continues to come up for me as an artist. It affects my work on this blog + my career as an actor. Lately, I notice more pressure to fit in. The pressing feelings to follow trends. The desire to tone down my personality- to act cool. I think has to do with the scrolling on Instagram. A wash of images that seem similar through the filters and stylings and poses. I am not saying that there aren't originals left in the digital world, but I want to see more authenticity on my screen. And that means I need to start with myself. By creating work that is truthful and specific to me. Even if its not gonna give me thousands of likes + followers. 
Some days, I question why I write, why I style, why I put my energy into this platform. I feel doubts around my work. Feel frustrated by my appearance. I feel defeated that I cannot afford the clothes I dream of styling. Sometimes I am self conscious of how other perceive me- especially the people I care about. But there's always a thought that can quiet those thoughts. My creativity stems from the need to connect. By sharing my work, and words and vulnerability, maybe I can help someone open up. That someone's voice might become louder, and they share themselves more authentically. Despite my doubts (which trust me I've written about many times), the moment I focus my work outward it all becomes clear. We need stories, and images to inspire and escape and ignite. 
There is room in the digital world for imperfection and mess. I also, think there is room for polished and aesthetically driven work. It's finding where your voice + point view feel fulfilling for you. 
As I continue to work on East West Edge (a platform inspired by places and people and sights from all over the world), my work will continue to embrace curiosity and exploration. There is nothing more brave than staying true to yourself. 
 Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo
@brittcrowephoto Vintage Levis (Similar to the Wedgie Straight Leg fit), Mejuri Virgo necklace, Anine Bing Bralette, Zara Linen Crop Top (Similar styles here and here.)


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