Monday, March 19, 2018

Fashion Test Drive: How to Wear the Utility Jumpsuit

This week's segment of Fashion Test Drive: the utility jumpsuit. I have been wanting to try this look for YEARS (seriously not exaggerating), but hadn't found the right one. I have memories of scouting the melrose trading post, and other vintage stops, but never finding one that fit (size + vibe). When Lucky Brand asked me to preview their Spring Collection, I decided it was my chance to try this look out. 
When rocking a utility jumpsuit, it all comes down to styling. The accessories + details will set the vibe for the look (whether its for casual errands or a date night). I paired my jumpsuit with these simple suede sandals, for a feminine twist. I also also would pair my jumpsuit with a pair fresh white sneakers. I slicked my hair back into a bun because I wanted the focus to be on this singular piece. It was rad to find a vintage inspired piece, but with a more practical + modern fit. I think fit is very important with this look, and if bought vintage tailoring might be a good idea. 
When I am not hanging out in my own neighborhood, I often am spending my time in Silver Lake. I remember when I first started living in LA, Silver Lake was the ultimate hip neighborhood. (Pretty sure hipsters were invented here). No matter how cliche, Intelligensia is still one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. The beautiful teal tiles, the open air patio, the flocks of writers scribbling out their next screen play. I love the strong coffee, and chocolate croissants. The neighborhood has changed over time, but it still continues to embrace individuality. East of La Brea embraces not only young creatives, but people who might not fit the typical LA mold. Thats why this jumpsuit might feel so good to me. I am not that typical 'leading lady' type, but you know I am gonna stand out.
Lucky Brand jumpsuit, sandals and sunglasses. 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo


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